How Did You Find This Forum?

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  • blondie

    I was searching Google for Alan Feuerbacher and found H2O which led me to JWD. I was also on This Caliban guy was starting a site that seemed JW approved but then not. JWD was really small. I remember Frenchy, Waiting, SevenofNine and PathofThorns posting a lot. I read a lot until I got brave enough to post worrying about being found to be an apostate.

    I'm glad I'm hear and thank Simon and Angharad for their personal sacrifices.


  • wednesday

    I was watching a religious program on cable TV, and it was about cults. They gave silentlambs url. I found them first, then i believe randy walters site, and then here. i liked this , it seemed friendly. So it really was slient lambs that got me here.

  • TruckerGB

    I came here through a good friend who has posted here,although I am a non and never has been a JW,I grew up with a fairly stifeling religious background,my Father was a Vicar,and to grow up as a vicars son is something else!.In no way shape or form do I ever hold that against my Dad for doing what he wanted to do with his life,he was a bomb aimer in the R.A.F in ww2,so I guess he had to find his answers to life,but for me,I have had a constant battle over the years,to be me,and not,'oh your the vicars son',as was quoted many many times,I felt in my earlier years as though I was in a shadow,and to be quite honest,I always felt that most organised religion was a form of mind control,and from my time I have spent here,I dont think I am far wrong.

    Apart from that,I have never found a site for partly screwed up vicars sons,we have to recover as well,and it is suprising how issues here cross paths.

    Take care.


  • ballistic

    I came here from the "beyond" ex-jw site. I don't know about now, but I never found this site come up in an IE search. I have that site which I posted on for 2 months and this one both to thank for giving me some sanity and helping me let it all out.

    I don't think any of us can fully comprehend what a grand job sites like this do in helping people.

  • freedom96

    I found this site I believe through Freeminds. I enjoy this one compared to other sites for several reasons. Always something new, interesting, and get to listen to other peoples opinions on many different subjects.

  • Francois

    I was a very infrequent poster to the H2O site. When I was just leaving in utter disgust, Uncle Bruce suggested I peek in here. I'm happy he did. Have met many new friends of the Internet type.


  • joannadandy

    Little Miss Eyegirl said "Hey there is this cool site with Apostates, and they have Apostefests, and their all a cool bunch of peopl"

    After I realized Apostates are not scary people who steal small children sacrifice goats I decided to pop in and see what it was like...and lo, it was good!

  • Soledad

    I remeber some time ago the Freeminds site had it's own discussion board, which quickly grew out of control. then one day I browsed into freeminds again and clicked on the discussion board link at the botton of the page and it brought me here. I had been lurking ex-jw discussion boards since 1998, first Tishie's board and then h2o. I was never a really active poster on either of those boards, as with this board.

  • patio34

    I just called up my sister out of the blue one day and said I'm quitting going to meetings.

    She said: "We quit a year ago."

    Then, among many other things, she gave me the address of this site.

    Oh! My sister is Waiting, one of the Supreme Ones here


  • BeautifulGarbage

    After shunning my Non JW family for decades, my JW family decided to get in touch.

    I did a search on Jehovahs witnesses to get a refresher on how nutty they are and found Randy's Freeminds site. I found the link to here, lurked for a few months, and Wa la!


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