UK NW Elder Mocks Disabled Brothers

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  • Farkel

    Guest 77,

    : Whatever a person is sowing he shall reap. Someone should should remind him of the account about Elisha, the forty children and the she-bears at 2 Kings 2:23-25. Mocking is very disrespectful.

    I know that story well. In fact, I've written essays about it.

    Rather than belaboring anything, I would just like to ask you one simple question after I present the facts, according to the Bible, that is:

    1) Those taunting Elisha were children. FACT.

    2) Those children did what most stupid children did: they taunted an older person, but never really hurt anyone other than to offend and taunt with mere words, now did they? FACT.

    Bears tore those children apart in that story, didn't they? FACT.

    Given the Bible FACTS, was the punishment of being ripped to death by she-bears worth the "crime", with the crime being a crime being one of merely teasing and taunting using WORDS and nothing else?

    If you believe the answer to this is "yes", then your God is a criminal of the highest order.

    Next time one of your own children mock someone, you've got to ask yourself this question, "Should bears maul them to death because they are out-of-line" or would a nice "time out" in their bedroom work much better. (Not to mention the fact that the latter would prevent them from being murdered for just being smart-ass kids.)

    The Elisha-Bear story is more Bible bullshit that should never be used to teach people any lessons about anything except how to be barbarians. It should be tossed on the dustheap of Bible crap where it belongs.


  • blondie
    Who's gonna tell on this guy? Nobody. And if they did, it would be denied.

    That's why you can take another brave, loving person(s) with you to tell another elder or elders outside the congregation who have witnessed. Or tape it (depending on the laws in your area) and play it for the DO? I grew up with an abusive father, verbally as well as other ways. He is just a bully and backs off when other people call him on his bullying tactics.

    Cowardly standing by is becoming a party to it. Laughing at what this man does makes him bolder in doing it.

    The same principles about reporting child abuse apply here. What if he were a child abuser? If they can't deal with verbal abusers, then they would stand by and let a child abuser be unpunished.


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