comet NEAT consumed by monster flare

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  • blackguard

    The comet C2002V1, apparently, over twice the diameter of Jupiter, was zapped by a solar flare some 5 million miles from the sun. Can we learn two things from this? One; a solar flare that size may adversely affect our weather and communications, maybe knocking out satellites, and Two, McCanney's theory that comets are not ice but electrically charged plasma balls now seems quite plausible. McCanney is the guy that's claiming comet activity increases before planetX enters the solar system.

  • SYN

    Hi BlackGuard, I don't mean to be rude, but your post is impossible, primarily because no object that huge could have gotten that close to the inner solar system without causing enormous amounts of havoc. Jupiter is not a trivial body in space - it "anchors" several other bodies, and it is theorized that it was the reason for the formation of the asteroid belt.

    Thus, a body of this size being consumed by a solar flare is ridiculous in the extreme. Solar flares are very tenous for starters, obviously depending on the body's distance from the sun. Presuming (!!!) that a gas giant swung past the sun, it would not only NOT have been completely consumed by a flare, but it would also have severely disrupted solar activity, severely enough to make things interesting back on the 3rd planet, know what I'm saying?

    I also saw those pictures that the SOHO probe took, and there was quite an interesting light-show around that region of the solar system a couple of weeks back (which conspiracy theorists used as vectors for their own Nibiru theories no end, apparently), but it was just an ordinary little comet. Trust me, if something the size of Jupiter came that close to Earth, we'd know about it!!!!

  • blackguard

    Hi syn, I also don't wish to be rude, but my post is possible because it exists and you yourself responded to it. The information may be inaccurate, but I simply reported what I've read. The NEAT comet's actual core size, from I've read, is the same as Mercury. As a comet it is claimed to be larger than twice the size of Jupiter. NASA's soho imagery apparently caught what appears to be a large solar flare some 5 million miles long a couple of days ago. McCanney's theory that comets are electrically charged plasma balls might account for the electrically induced solar flare.

    Scientists are constantly being amazed how consistently wrong their theories of cosmic science are. Therefore, perhaps your understanding of celestial or cosmic dynamics may be based on now-redundant science. Even you are quick to use the word,"theorize", which when translated means, 'We don't know for sure'.

  • Stephanus

    SYN's right - if anything even remotely Jupiter sized came into the inner solar system, we'd know all about it - it'd be like a second moon at night!

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Hey B Guard.

    All this planet Nibiru/ Planet X stuff is interesting, Im curious where your getting your information from. If youd give me a couple of links Id be most interested in having a look.

  • Jourles

    Just wanted to throw out there that if some type of devastating solar flare was to take out all of our GPS satellites, the world as we know it would shutdown. No communication whatsoever. No more cellular phone systems, landline calling, ATM's, credit card verification, WAN computer networks, tv, etc. Anything that routes through a telecommunications hub would cease to transmit properly.

    It's all about GPS TIMING. If there is no timing in the networks, frame slips increase until each office talking to each other finally degrades to a point where circuits just become useless. This would be a worldwide catastrophe beyond imagination. Oh, did I mention that there would be no more INTERNET?

    I know, a little off topic, but some folks do not realize how vitally important certain little satellites can be in our lives.

  • Satanus
    the world as we know it would shutdown

    *Sigh* The end comes again.

  • blackguard

    Hi refiners fire, For some rational discussion on the subject of planetx/nibiru try:- This website, , is sort of like an army disposal store, all sorts of stuff; scroll down to Nibiru and there's a hodge-podge of information.

    And stephanus, I understand that comet NEAT was seen during daylight as a blue coloured comet before it got zapped.

  • blackguard

    Hi again refiner's,

    This other site/forum is up and running again:- Give it a check out--it has soho images and links to other images. I think its a metaphyscial religious site--I'm not really sure.

  • Satanus

    However big the comet was/is, it's interesting that the sun shoots out it's own projection exactly in it's direction, basically an interception, i would say. 'Course, it could be a natural reaction if, let's say, the sun was positively charged, and the comet was negatively charged, or something like that. Then it could be a bit like lightning bolt reaction.

    SS ps, any more info on this, aside from sitchen and guys like him?

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