Is this a subtle clue that the leaders really see the "great tribulation" of the WT coming soon?

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  • Vidiot

    There definitely seems to be a subtle (and perhaps not so subtle) undercurrent of quiet desperation in their words and actions, lately.

    I'd like to believe that on some level, they're starting to feel backed into a corner, but - like all True Believers - they're doubling down on their position and crossing their fingers that the Big A will come and bail them out before things turn really ugly.

    Which would suggest that they are entering the "nightmare" stage of the Wishful Thinking process.

  • Gayle

    The WT 'pond' is in trouble. Sinking funds, sinking spawns and stinking fish. Floundering is happening.

    Disunity or power struggle and 'blame game' at the top could happen. ( wonder if any GB are not happy with Jackson ((where is Jackson now anyway - in hiding?)), including the Australian Branch, just to put blame on someone)

    Took years, but Worldwide Church of God broke up to 5 groups and now to about 13 groups and amazingly still exist (with smaller numbers), besides there were many individually just left it all.

  • Tenacious

    It's the same darn tune different year. They are seeing the amounts they will have to fork out and are trying to scare the friends into sending in as much dough as possible.

    Does anyone remember that one WT study where one picture shows the friends gathered in a basement with the little girl looking right into the camera? The fact that the little girl was looking directly into the camera is a propaganda technique to make the reader, yes mentally force them, to identify themselves with the people in the group.

    Gotta love the propaganda techniques they continue to use. Feels like FOX News sometimes.

  • Vidiot
    Pretty sure FOX News would be perfectly happy with JW viewers. :smirk:

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