If You Could Have Been An Elder, What Would YOU Have Done Differently?

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  • Wren

    Looking back, I have one pet peeve about a certain small group of elders. I only met one of them but he obviously learned it from someone else. It is the bible thumping, fanatical, want to be orators policing the blood issue. Their lies need to be gagged by any means because of their influence.

    At first I understood not taking blood could kill me but it's my duty be a martyr. If the law intervened, I felt limited to fight it for myself or children. Along comes the blood police elder and convinces ignorant JW's that there is NOT one lethal situation that requires blood. It's scientifically impossible to die because of lack of blood. Tubes must be ripped out of hospital JW patients & start the plans for kidnapping. Bring on the lawsuits.

    I guess the point is imo a majority of JWs would accept & not feel as much guilt taking blood in a critical situation by threat of or real court order. A militant few elders can set up much potential & real damage by taking Wt dogma, lying & running with it.

  • minimus

    I knew of a brother that used to say that if he was an elder, he would arrange congregation sports and picnics on a regular basis so that the kids could have regular association. One elder supported that idea and after some minor trouble happened at one of these activities, that he sponsored, there were no more sanctioned congregation functions. I don't think the guy that proposed the idea ever did become an elder. His kids left the "truth".....{probably because of bad association}.....

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