If You Could Have Been An Elder, What Would YOU Have Done Differently?

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  • minimus

    At times, every person has complained about the elders not doing this or that. Everyone had a pet peeve. If you could have made a change in something, what would you have done to make the congregation a better, happier place? (see if you can remember that long ago.)

  • metatron

    I WAS AN ELDER ! Here's what I'd do differently:

    NEVER RAISE YOUR CHILD AS A ZEALOUS WITNESS! Very important! This was a huge mistake. 'Worldly' people are raising

    better kids! (Don't blame it on Satan! It's not his fault! The organization de-emphasizes love and compassion and FAMILY TIES

    and Witness parents pay a heavy price for that failure).

    Second, realize that the whole Watchtower system is against you - and quit. They only exist to control people and peddle magazines.

    Realize that the organization is entrenched against any moral or ethical reform. Any resistance, in the name of compassion,

    is viewed as disloyalty. You might as well 'reform' North Korea. If you try to be caring, you'll reap nothing but frustration.

    Walk away - and take care of your family according to your own conscience -and not the cold hearted gerontocrats rulership.

  • ApagaLaLuz


  • JH

    If I would have been an elder, I would have been a piece of the puzzle. I would not have been able to change anything, because your role as an elder as I can see it is to agree with the other elders and to follow instructions given from higher ups.

    I can't imagine an elder having the right to change anything pre established.

    I had one or two good friends in the congregation, and when they became elders, they radically changed. I was not their good friend anymore. I was treated nor better nor worse than a stranger who just joined.

    I saw elders like cops in the congregation.

  • CoonDawg

    I would not have lasted long, because I speak my mind too freely. I don't like BS and I don't like the way these guys brag of their "compassion" yet when it is needed, rarely is it shown.

    Nope, I had the bag, but never got to use it in eldership....thank goodness.


  • blondie

    I was an eldress, but that counts for naught unless you are a manipulative elderette.

    If I could have been an elder, a lot would have had to change in the organization for that to happen, being a woman.

    The elders do not have the power, nor the COs and DOs. They all dance to the tune played in Bethel with Uncle Ted as the conductor.

    Blondie (elders are puppets of puppets of puppets)

  • oldcrowwoman

    there would also be women as Elders.!!!!!!!!!!! Equal opportunity.

    My experience with the judical committee. One of the elders made the comment off to the side said " he wished their was women on the committee, they would have insight to domestic abuse. " whatever!!!!!!!!!

    Interesting his son is a drug addict. The reality is chemical addiction and abuse issues effect the whole family. Its a family problem. I think his head was in the sand.

    Interesting in most cultures consider elders as some one to seek answers in life.


  • JH

    If an elder wants to change things around because there should be adjustments, then he might as well start his own religion from scratch, because there would be too much to change.

  • minimus

    Elders are puppets of puppets of puppets......You see, if YOU were an elder, you could have done nothing spectacular to change things. So many think that the elders should have done a particular thing and because they didn't fulfill their expectations, they were considered dog doo doo.Those on this board may know this now, but I doubt that it registered when you were in.


    As a dub kid and an elders brat,it didn`t take a genius to figure out what would happen if you tried to do things differently..Your fellow elders will turn on you in a heatbeat,so as not to bring the wrath of WBTS down on their own heads..So much for trying to do good in a corrupt organization...OUTLAW

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