what were you thinking when you got yourself baptised?

by greven 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • pr_capone

    If I was ever going to get to pass the mics, or handle the sound booth its what I had to do. There was no other way about it. That is why I got baptized.


  • joelbear

    I was 15. It was 1973. I was the last hold out in my group of friends, most of whom had gotten baptized one or two years earlier. I wanted to belong to that group. I was very close to them. In addition I had the hope that getting baptized would cleanse me of my homosexual thoughts.

    My gut instinct was that I should not get baptized since I was still reasoning out what I really believed about god, spirituality, morality, etc.

    Bottom line is, a teenager cannot truly dedicate their life to anything. They simply aren't mature enough to do so.


  • shera

    Before I was dipped I was doubting the whole thing and changed my mind.I just did it to please "people".

    I mentioned before I had a bad perm that assembly and I worried about how my hair was going to look threw out the rest of the day.

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