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  • chachasmum

    Hi Everyone,

    As most of you know eisenstein and I are roommates...And some of you know about eisenstein having been laid off...well I had gotten her a gig boarding one of my dogs, a white lab, sweet as can be, Maggie...poor Maggie almost kicked the bucket!

    Walking near the park, a crazy MF had his Pit Bull off the leash. The dog spotted maggie and charged toward her and eisenstein...let me tell you...eisenstein started crying to the owner "Pleeeeeease, Get Your Dog," as she was doing a dance trying to keep the Pit Bull off of Maggie, as a lot of you know we had almost 20 inches of snow, it was really icey and eisenstein fell flat on her face in the middle of the street...the Pit Bull grabbed Maggie by the neck, lucky for her she was wearing a prong collar, a safety loop and a regular collar. The dog bit into the collar, eisenstein got up and looked back to see that the owner was prying the Pit Bull's mouth off Maggie. Maggie had one puncture on her neck which was made by the collar. When I got home that evening I thought she should be checked out by a Vet. So we got her some antibiotics and the Vet cleaned the wound and shaved around the puncture. Man is that dog lucky to be alive! So is eisenstein! As for the thugs that own these dogs they need to be locked in a pen with the dogs and THEY need to be eaten alive.

    chachasmum, eisenstein and maggie

    p.s. no offense to any pit bull owners on the forum!

  • dottie

    I'm so sorry to hear about this happening to you....If there's anything that pisses me off more it's irresponsible dog owners. My general philosophy on this type of thing is that there aren't bad dogs only bad owners who are irresponsible and do take the time to train their dogs. I have 2 black labs and believe me their training has been rigorous, but the results are worth it.

    What did the owner of the pit bull do??? Did you get any info (ie: name, phone, addy) ? If you haven't already maybe report this incident to the city pound, and give a brief description of the dog, and the area this happened in...could be you're not the only one this has happened to.

    I'm glad that all three of you are okay.


  • plmkrzy

    That is horrible! I am vwery sorry to here your poor dog was attacked like that. There is never a good excuse for something like that happening to anyone. You should file charges against the owner of the dog for allowing it off the leash like that. No excuse. I have had simular expierences while jogging with my dog. We live in a "dog" community. There are people out walking thier dogs all day and night here. We have at least 20 or 30 dog walkers up and down the street at a time. Every day.

    I've had to litterally jump on dogs and hold them to the ground when someone let thier dog off its leash and it came running after my dog.

    I totally understand how upset you are. I've been there myself.

    That asside, I hope you don't really mean you want me to be put in a cage and eaten alive, I have never hurt anyone, nor has Henry ever hurt anyone. And he is getting old now. Never bit anyone in his life, but he has been bitten by other dogs. Not seriously because they were little, but still. One time he was bitten by a long-haired-chiwawa that just ran away from it's walker/owner and he only shook it off of him to get away from it. It only amounted to an annoiance but still, if it had been a large dog who knows what might have happened. I would not blame my dog if he defended himself. And if he did, because of the kind of dog he is, it would no doubt be all his fault for just being there. It is reasons like that, that make me hate the kind of people who have dogs like the one who attacked your dog and allow them to run free.

    It's a sad shame that because of people like the one responsible for attacking your dog, who breed and keep retarded dogs, have caused a stereotyping for the rest of us owners who have to live with the prejudice. Believe me, they are NOT ALL LIKE THAT!

    Once again, I am very sorry that happened. I would like to hang the owner of that dog as well.

  • chachasmum

    Hi Dottie

    Thanks for the input. I actually was not there eis was.She got no info she was so shook up. We were talking tonight about filing a complaint. Eis said she would recognize both the guy and the dog. I agree there are no bad dogs but bad owners. We live in Harlem and see what the baggy pant thugs do to these dogs. It breaks my heart but what can one do?

  • eisenstein

    Hi plmkrzy,

    Do you own a Pit Bull? We didn't mean to come off as being predjudice. We've actually seen the Pit Bull puppies and they are so sweet and adorable. It is what the owners do to them that makes them the way they are (starve them, beat them, cut their larnyx out, etc.) Take no offense, it was just a horrifying experience for me and Maggie. And for Chachasmum too as she has taken care of Maggie since she was 6 months old (Maggie is 7 now).


  • plmkrzy

    Hey eisenstein, I do own a Pit and believe me is IS the SWEETEST guy.

    The problem with PitBulls for one thing is they have a VERY high pain threshold. They just don't really seem to get hurt much. Don't know why that is. But it is a dangerous combination to mix that with "bad dispostion" and "Bad people". And even worse is to come accross one who is angry from being abused. It makes for the worst thing's waiting to happen.

    I wasn't offended really. I am use to it. Everytime I see on the news a Pitbull attack I KRINGE!

    I just wanted to tell you that they are not ALL BAD dogs. There are some very good one's to.


    Sad...as always, the dog takes the fall for the lousy dog/pet owner.

    As I type this a.m., there is a dog, I can hear it barking...non-stop, for let's see now (33 minutes). I know where this dog is, and of course, you can match the people to the barking dog.

    9/10 the white trash in our area, have either a Pit Bull or Rottweiler as a means of projecting some sort of 'cool'. The dogs tend to be frothing at the teeth on a chained collar or something looking totally tough and intimidating. The way in which these lunkheads speak and treat their dogs, is autrocious.

    Nearby here, about 2 months ago, a dog owner's dog was put down (Rottweiler) for attacking and killing another little dog. Very sad. Of course, the owners of the Rott were the typical losers you find emulating gang mentality and possessing that 'don't give a sh*t' mentality.

    I wish DOGS could choose their owners in cases like this. My neighbour, he has a Doberman, and she is beautiful, friendly and well-behaved. I rarely, IF ever, hear her bark. He is a responsible and loving pet owner.

    Another few minutes have gone by...that poor dog over yonder, is still barking its head off.

    Imagine what a vicious dog can do to another dog: imagine what they could do to a child.

    Bad dog owners: the REAL problem!

  • Francois

    Frankly, I think that the American Pit Bull Terrier and any and every other breed of dog ever bred to fight should be banned in this country. And everywhere else, for that matter. That should include the Presa Canario, the Rotties, and you name it.




    Poor (((((eisenstein!)))))

    Hugs to ya, and hoping you will have a quick recovery!


  • DanTheMan
    Frankly, I think that the American Pit Bull Terrier and any and every other breed of dog ever bred to fight should be banned in this country. And everywhere else, for that matter. That should include the Presa Canario, the Rotties, and you name it.

    Frankly Frank I totally agree with you. Pit Bulls & Rotties are all fun and games until somebody's baby gets mauled to death.

    I am so glad that those people in San Fran whose dog killed that lady got their ass handed to them in court. I remember seeing footage of the owner in court crying. I felt *zero* sympathy. Have fun in jail idiot.

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