Our neighbors took our trash

by wednesday 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • LovesDubs

    I actually count on that happening! When I think I am putting out something somebody probably could recycle...I put it in sight of the road. Sure enough...its gone sometimes in less than ten minutes. I put two bikes out there once...they were gone before I got back up my DRIVEWAY. I dont mind if people do that...as long as they dont go through the stuff IN the can and leave it all over the place!

  • ballistic

    So is that where you get the name yuck!!!

    Sorry... no offense intended!!!

  • Soledad

    most of my household furniture (except the bed and the sofas) was taken from the curb. Since my husband is also the building manager where we live we often go into the apartments of people who move out or are evicted and go "shopping."

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