The Long Prayer

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  • forgetmenot
  • dgmtoronto

    Beano, you rule!!!!!

    You have an excellent memory my friend!

    I remember some of those damn end of meeting prayers that God never listened are sooooooo long, that they are actually still going on right now.....that's correct, prayers which are over 30 years in length. All because some yahoo yip wants to feel like he is talking to God in front of a bunch of people. Crazy man.

    The worst was the memorial, which had like 8 prayers throughout the whole thing, and all I'm thinking is I wanna drink that wine! Gimme that wine!

    Keep on postin' pal, love ya.


  • hurt

    There's this supremely sensitive brother. There would always be some dramatic twist to his prayers. He loved to praise. "Our most gracious heavenly father, the creator of the heavens and the earth, the maker of the forest and the trees, the former of the rivers and the oceans, the demarcator of their boundaries, the distiller of pure air, [a few chuckles from the brothers here], the giver of light and sound, the maker of the stars of the heavens, the provider of food, the sustainer of life... you made the snow fall today during the night, and gave us sunshine during the day, the weather was perfect for field service, you made it so to accomplish your work..." On and on it would go. And in the end, there would be this relief of an amen, then ebveryone beams liek they were kosher with it... I remember him with some affection, he was such a fragile gentle thing...

  • archangel01

    LOL, one time I just said the LORDS pray just like Jesus .Are father in the....... when I was done people would say how come you didn't use Gods name and say this and that and I'm like "If you have a problem with the way I pray then take it up with JESUS/GOD I follow the BIBLE and his words!" That was the last time they let me say the pray, I guess they don't want people to follow the Bible.

    Oh yah one time I was having a bad day and this guy was taking forever and I mean forever when he was saying the closing pray. So before he was even done I just cut him off in mid air and said " In Jesus name Amen" and some people standing by me said Amen after I said it and there was some people LOL and then the ''Brother" went on praying I just got up and left and I wasn't the only one that left!

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