The Long Prayer

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  • Beans

    AMEN, probably the most relieving word for a witness! Remember how those meetings went ON and ON and ON and then you get that brother who loves to turn his prayer into the "Sermon on the Podium". Yes delivering words as if they were being channeled through Jehovah right to you!

    And then finally AMEN, that great sense of relief and joy that the meeting is finally over! And now it's over forever!



  • Elsewhere


    I remember those... my dad and his dad BOTH did them.

    They would go on and on and on..... I remember when I was a kid and got my first wrist watch with a timer on it. I would time the prayers for fun to see how long they were.

    I could never say a long prayer like that. I honestly had a hard time thinking of more BS to say. I was lucky if my prayers lasted more than 30 seconds.

    I'm to the point now that I would literally get up and walk out after the prayer went too long.

  • Sargon

    I remember those. We used to have a brother from the Ukraine (or was it Poland), doesn't matter, we couldn't understand a single word his said. Whenever he spoke to me I'd just kinda nod and smile, to be polite. His prayers were the longest going, couldn't understand a damn thing he said until amen.

    PHHHEEEWWW!!! Amen he was finished.


    AMEN beansy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Solace

    I hear ya' brother Beans!


    Hey Beans, your a jerk(not really),I had forgoten about those prayers for decades,and now you want to bring those horrors to light,LOL!..Forgotten memories,good one...OUTLAW

  • uriah

    I remember those. Not onlky were they long but were full of superlatives that were totally unnecessary and made you cringe. For example they could not just say "dear heavenly Father.....Through Jesus name Amen", no they would say:-

    "Our dear and gracious heavenly Father who gave us life and all the things we have, you the Great designer and purposer, we approach you humbly and with praise to supplicate you and ask, humbly, that we be heard before your great throne.....and we ask this prayer in the name of the one you sent forth, your loving son and our King, who died on the stake that we may approach your un-approachable light and be forgiven our sins, our lord and King the redeemer and head of the christian congregation and of your holy organisation, Jesus, amen.

    Talk about the use of many words imagining they would get a hearing.

  • JeffT

    The ones I hated most were the closing prayers at district conventions. There was always some guy who thought he had to repeat the whole program. "Thank you Jehovah for the provision of the fine drama about blah blah blah etc etc ad infinitum"

  • joannadandy

    JeffT you stole my thought!

    District conventions were the worst...and it was always they thought because they let us out "Early" they had to torque up a long prayer.

    Might add dear brothers you have no idea how God AWFUL a long prayer can be until you are standing in four inch heels weaving while your eyes are closed.

  • minimus

    I hated long prayers at the assemblies. I hated the applause after the prayer more. Clap for what??? It was STUPID!

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