Hairy? Where? Do you Like it Hairy?

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  • animal

    I am all hair....


  • plmkrzy

    oh geewizz this is funny. I've had both hairy and non-hairy and I think I prefer hairy. But not too hairy. You don't see very many hairy guys in underwear adds, but I think it may have something to do with not being able to grease'um up for the photoshoots. LOL! Models go through a lot of oil when being photographed.

    I forget to shave my legs and arm-pits a lot. If I walk outside in the sun WHAMO! I catch the reflection of the sun bouncing off the hair on my legs, sending rays of light back up to blind me, and I have to run back inside and shave. I hate that! It doesn't show inside cuz it's blond, but outside when the sun hits it, it light's like tensil town. lol.beem me up scotty!

  • VeniceIT

    I think it all depends on the person!!!

    I think that a man shaving anything other than his face is nuts. Woman on the other hand should. BTW, I have a friend who shaves her face...can you say NAIR!!

    Ahh nair, unfortunelty nair being a chemical depilitory does not remove the root, but simply dissolves the hair on the surface of the face, and is ineffective on course black hairs, which is usually what a woman has on her chin area. The best choice I feel is to have this waxed, at least a few times to help thin the area and then use your choice of depilitory. There are other cold waxes that are available for home use that might be more effective then nair. I think people should do or use whatever is the most convinent and effective for themselves, and everyone differs.


  • Seven

    A man with a hairy chest and thighs. mmmmmmmmmmmm

    Myself, I had the laser a few years ago and it's still good-nothing left but a landing strip. Razors and waxes are totally medieval.

  • Cicatrix

    Why not both? Variety is the spice of life, ya know:) I like it smooth in the summer on guys (not so sweaty and sticky) and furry and warm in winter. But always nicely groomed. Shaved does lend much more sensitivity, but bare reminds me too much of prepubescence, and that just ain't sexy to me, so a little nicely trimmed above is more appealing.

    Guys who don't grow much hair due to their nationality always intrigued me:)

    As for women-hey, whatever you're comfortable with. How can we espouse the natural look for men who wish to be furry and not encourage women to do the same? I find hairy legs and under arms to be rather itchy myself, though.

    And a little warning- if ya both shave at the same time, contact can be a bit--prickly.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    do you like a hairy chest?

    Not really. I like breasts on a woman and all that hair would get in the way. Also I would think a hairy chest would really itch when a woman put on a bra.

  • SheilaM

    Six: My little curious voyeurYep Thunder had three hairs on his chest now he has a VERY hairy chest he attributes it to a hair every time we have sex LOL I forgot to mention his arms and legs are metza metza furry, just manly not gross!

    My son Anthony shaves his legs since he swims and let me tell you DRANO does not work on that kinda clog people GEESH!!!!! and he used my razor once and I almost bled to death from the nicks and cuts LOL He can destroy a razor

    <of the sorry I confused you Six class>



    I guess my post was a bit confusing. I should say, like Sheila; I prefer to be smooth all the time. Men, I like none or very little. A bunch of hair, especially on the back; grosses me out.

    There; is that better??

  • teenyuck
    I don't really like hair on the back...

    My mother was married to a guy from Iraqi in 1982...he was one hairy dude. He had a mustache (similar to Saddam's, but I digress) and he would come home from work, take a shower and put on a deago tee (the kind with no sleeves).

    The hair was everywhere! He had a hair from his head down to his waist. There was no demarcation mark. His chest was a matt of furr. Plus he wore really thick gold necklaces and bracelts. It was pretty gross. When they would go out, he would wear a silk dress shirt and leave the first 4-5 buttons undone. Yuck.

    I do like hair on a man, however, he had too much.

    PS....I have no idea why my fonts are different.

  • ApagaLaLuz

    Teenyuck...... I once dated this Armenian guy. He was sooooooo hairy. I told him I didn't like hair onthe back. So he decided to use Epistop on it. The first time we were ever intimate was during a atrip to Vegas. He looked so funny because he had so much hair, kind like a monkey all over him, but his back was clean to his waist. Then he had a hairy butt. *blush*

    At first it was odd, but eventually it kind of truned me on because it was so different. Of course now, I still don't like a hairy man. But I love a little happy trail

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