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    So Elijah was fed by a "lowly woman." One wonders is they would ever use that adjective for a man . . .


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    Yes, pistoff, it is an assault of your mental and emotional senses at the meetings.

    The new CO in our area is especially adept at the shame game and no one is brave enough to stop him. He has gone way over in time on both Tuesday and Thursday with his talks in a way saying my time is more important than your time. He would like there to be 10 (TEN) meetings a week because we need them. He has broken every rule for public speakers that our area has except no beard and he wears a suit.

    He thinks he is "encouraging" the elephant herd (his analogy not God's) and that he will make us all into nice shiny quarters and not worthless dirty pennies.

    Yes, patio34, look where lowly was used about a man, only 3 times in the WT publications, twice about men (men and women) and prominent and lowly in the congregation.

    WT 10/15/62 That one is his heavenly Son, who became the lowly man Jesus Christ

    WT 11/15/57 At that time Jesus came as a lowly man, bore witness to his Father’s name, proved his integrity under test and died for the sins of mankind.

    WT 5/15/55 This meant that the Word, who had personal access to the Living God’s presence and who had heard Jehovah individually communicate living waters of truth out of his own mouth, was sent to earth to become the lowly man Jesus.

    and lowly men (meaning men and women)

    WT 8/15/62 WHAT a marvelous thing it is that Jehovah God, the Creator of the universe, the One whose greatness is such that the heaven of heavens themselves cannot contain him, shows kindness to lowly men!

    WT 7/15/52 Its seed did not take root in the hearts of the high, mighty, and so-called "reputable" religions of the day, but Christianity found a home in the hearts of the poor, despised, and lowly—men called "unlearned and ignorant" and of no reputation.


    WT 2/15/97 Men and women, prominent and lowly ones in the congregation, all were described as "holy ones" while living here on earth.

    Commentary on James: To favor one person over another, and especially because one is rich, prominent or powerful, and the other poor and lowly (why not prominent and lowly), would be the very opposite of Christianity. It would be downgrading Jesus Christ who, when on earth, was materially poor, as were most of his disciples.

    Who should be the prominent in the organization according to the WTS?

    WT 8/1/75

    Prominence is due only to Jehovah and to the appointed Head of the congregation, Jesus Christ, and so elders should seek prominence for Them. Seeking to "be somebody" is being stupid.

    Yet there are prominent ones on earth according to the WTS.

    Thousand Years Has Approached

    The outlook blackened

    as prominent ones of the Watch Tower Society who had to do with the feeding of the heavenly Shepherd’s "sheep" were arrested, unfairly tried and sentenced to many years in Federal Penitentiary

    1972 Yearbook But later that night it was possible for

    some of the prominent ones among the brothers to present the facts to the officials, and that resulted in some measure of relief.

    WT 2/15/1964

    Even the

    most prominent ones of the remnant who had been imprisoned during World War I were freed from prison and were exonerated of all the false charges that had been used to railroad them to prison.

    WT 5/15/63

    Some overseers and prominent ones have been in their positions of great privileges of service over many years , and so over a long period of time they have worked with and for their brothers, and their fellows have worked in cooperation with them. How grateful these overseers should be that over the years others have overlooked their own imperfections and failings and out of love for Jehovah God and his Kingdom interests have continued and still continue cooperating with them! Yes, prominent ones require discipline too and should receive it with gratitude and appreciation .

    I guess some are more lowly than others.


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