How to handle invites to dinner after Sunday meeting?

by FadeToBlack 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • franticfran
    I have just recently had not one but two " brothers" call me I have not heard from them in years and suddenly they both contact me. My daughter says she has heard that this is a " beckoning back" initiative by the organisation, has anyone else heard this? Have I missed something?
  • franticfran

    Forgot to mention I have not been to the hall in over three years.

  • jookbeard
    its difficult, even after my complete fade, inactivity, zero meeting attendance etc my wife would still want to have dinner parties around our place with only dubs there, it got to the stage when I would say that I'll go out for the evening if you invite them around, I'd refuse to go over to any of their places, I kind of felt sorry for her though.
  • FadeToBlack

    She invites some of her friends to our house at least once a month. If the conversation turns to some great assembly part, I go outside for a while. At someone else's house that might be awkward.

    And to update: she is not here tonight - that can only mean CO visit this week since they normally have 'mid-week' meeting on friday! And usually the CO stays at this families house (biggest, nicest in congregation).

    So even though I might have gone before, and directed the conversation towards what their 2 children are studying in college (have apartment away from home), now I am strongly inclined not to go. I could not handle all the updates on what a great week of spiritual activity it has been. On the other hand, it might be a bit of fun to stir things up a bit...

  • 4thgen
    If the group will be all pumped up and talk about nothing but the 'best assembly they ever heard" and are using you to count their time....then no...But if I sincerely liked the people, I'd go.

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