Are You Or Aren't You Still a Witness?

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  • minimus

    Kat, I thought that was short for Kathy or Katrina......You must be male, huh?

  • RunningMan

    I am irregular, reaching out for inactivity. But, that is just a technicality.

    Even though I attended meetings up to a year ago, I haven't been a Witness for a long time.

  • teenyuck

    I am technically a witness. I was never DAd or DFd. I faded and no one noticed.

    The elders are actually more concerned with my DFd sister....when she visited my mom this past summer, mom was given a sheparding call and was told that seeing my 24 year DF sis was a bad association!!

    I visit my mom 2-3 times a year and not once has my visiting come up.

    I wish they would be there when I come by so I could rip them apart verbally...I have alot to say to the same bros who made a point to DF everyone of my immediate family. (mom is reinstated)

  • freedom96

    Never been DF'd, and I have chosen not to DA myself. If I don't believe in something, why give them the power to try to hold anything over me?

    I simply faded away from the congregation that I attended, and no one has tried to get me back. I have moved several times, but if they wanted to find me, they could. I am still local.

    I have a few friends that are still active, and I wish to continue to stay on good terms, so we just don't talk about it. I have not been to a meeting in well over 5 years, and have been inactive for about 7 or 8 years.

    Do I consider myself a witness? Hell no.

  • acsot
    I am technically still a JW but not a believer.

    Ditto. I am technically a publisher but not in reality. You know, those fake service reports .

  • Dawn

    DF'd. Not such a negative now is it? It's like being excluded from prison - darn.

  • longtimeout

    Left this crackpot cult a long time ago. Never regretted the decision to do so. Grateful that I didn't waste my entire life in the process.

  • Inquiry

    No, I'm definately not a witness anymore... I DA'd in '97 and I don't look back... didn't leave anything behind there that I'm the least bit interested in....

    I still have contact with a few, and I look the rest right in the eye whenever our paths cross...they don't like that you know.. they like it even less when I start laughing at them in public...


  • JH

    Inactive since years. 10% still say hello if they meet me, only if no one is around to watch them.

  • fjtoth

    No. I've been out for 9 years, and I'm very comfortable about it. One would think that the JWs are comfortable too. But yesterday I had another experience that illustrates they're not. We who are out must be viewed as terrifying monsters who could bring on them a curse simply by our saying a greeting to them.

    Yesterday, I was shoveling snow in front of a store near the Canadian Bethel. I wasn't aware when I started that a longtime JW friend was shopping inside. And she didn't know that it was me out front. As she was opening the door to leave, she recognized me. All of a sudden, a look of shock came over her face, and she went back inside. Through the door's glass window, I could see her just standing there as she waited for me to leave. She stood there for a long time until I seemed to disappear. Actually I was at the side of the building and shoveling near where her car was parked. As she made a mad dash to her car, she almost knocked me over. With a smile I said, "Good morning!" and honestly, I could see her lips quiver due to her fright. Poor thing!

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