Brother Ted, Theocratic Economics and Card Run-outs

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  • SYN

    Excellent post Duncan!

    Dubs don't realize that MONEY is just an abstraction. Personally, I'm waiting for the abstraction that abstracts MONEY. That should be interesting.

    Can you tell I'm a programmer yet?

  • Englishman

    This is typical Duncan. Doesn't post for yonks then comes up with a brilliant post like this. Well done Matey, excellent stuff. I must admit that I had never thought of how useful a tool money can be as an exchange token, 'course we need money.

    BTW, Duncan, how about Pompey then, you seen 'em lately?


  • Duncan

    Dear all,

    Many thanks for all your responses. I got started on this late last night, finally finished and posted it at 2 a.m. I’m back in the office this morning reading all the replies.

    I can’t really reply to everyone, I’ll just talk to a couple.

    Old Hippie said:

    I don't see why lions can't eat meat? Animals will get sick and will die, and so there will be a lot of sick and dead animals for lions and other animals to eat. Why do you want them to eat grass?

    Old Hippie, old thing, it’s not me who says they’re going to go all veggie - it’s the Bible: Isaiah chapter 11, vs 6, 7

    The wolf will live with the lamb,
    the leopard will lie down with the goat,
    the calf and the lion and the yearling together;
    and a little child will lead them.
    The cow will feed with the bear,
    their young will lie down together,
    and the lion will eat straw like the ox

    Me, I’m quite happy to accept that verse as a wonderful piece of Hebrew poetry, a powerful and lovely image of peace and tranquillity. But the Watchtower teaches that it is, in fact, a prophecy of an everyday state of affairs that will literally happen.

    But, taking up your point: Dead animals – same as grass - don’t fight back or run away. The lions powerful body is a superb killing machine, it is not adapted for a life of scavenging carrion flesh. It simply wouldn’t need all that power and strength. Even allowing for your point to be valid, a lion that does the job of a hyena or vulture, does not need to be a lion anymore.

    Anyway, imagine yourself for a moment as a New Order lion. You’re hungry, you have a big heavy body to keep nourished and there’s not been much in the way of dead animals around your neck of the woods for a few weeks. You’ve been (discreetly) following a decidedly old and frail-looking zebra for a few days now, tracking him, just waiting for him to breathe his last, so you an move in and get a feed. But darn it! He just won’t keel over! But … there’s no one around… you’re big, and strong, and fast, he’s weak and frail; you have massive, strong limbs with claws and teeth that would finish him in an instant. Who would know if you were to just … help things along a bit, help events take their course a bit faster? Surely now, OH, you wouldn’t want to put our poor New Order lion in that appalling moral dilemma?


    It is so hard to imagine older Ted in his sixties! Actually, hard to imagine myself in my fifties

    Right enough. When I think of you and me – we’re in our teens, my folks are still in their fifties and Ted is still 30. But his golden-blond hair is all grey now, and at 63, or whatever, he’s still having to clean windows – in this bitter February weather. And, as I said in my post, despite his years, in some ways he’s still a child, still looking forward to the fantasy-Disney-land New Order. A lifetime of hopes wasted.


    how about Pompey then, you seen 'em lately?

    Told you I saw them a Fratton Park last year, against Watford, didn’t I? We actually did the double over Pompey last year, lucky to take a single point at home this year. Pompey look like they’ll survive in the premiership okay. But what about them GoldenBoyz? Cup quarter-finals!

    Once again, thanks to all for their kind comments.


  • xjw_b12

    Duncan. Very well presented.

    However I think a little more of Brother Ted, rubbed off on you, than you might think. Like Ted you also tell a good story.....only yours is factual, and based on reality.

    Thank you.

    " Millions Now Living Will Never Know "

  • TheOldHippie

    There is so little we know, Duncan. But I know that sitting here and looking out my window, I so much WANT the Paradise to be true, want it to happen, to be like that; go on fighting in a world with not much more than the two equal bastards Bush and Saddam Hussein to chose between, does not exactly give birth inside of me to a strong hope for the future; more like riding my horse deep into the woods and set it free and keep on walking myself till some bear or wolf finds me and cuts me off from my mental agony.

    I WANT Paradise, I WANT The New World. ................. I want to get drunk, it seems, that is easier.

  • blondie

    Duncan, excellent post as usual.

    I have "speculated" with JWs before just about cars. Like who is going to mine the iron ore and smelt it; who is going to mold the car parts and run the assembly plant to put them together. Who is going to pump, transport and refine the oil into gas (not a simple process); who is going to generate the electricity to work the gas pumps; who is going to manufacture the tires.

    Their eyes always glaze over and they say, Jehovah will take care of it (good one, Jehovah's special magic).

    I think most of them need to take little field trips to an oil refinery and auto plant to start with. Most couldn't repair a car to save their lives.

    Blondie (JW bubble burster from way back)

    Ecclesiastes 7:12

    12 For wisdom is for a protection [the same as] money is for a protection
  • Joyzabel

    Nice mental picture to help realize the "dream" we all wanted is not factual.

    I especially liked this point "despite his years, in some ways he’s still a child, still looking forward to the fantasy-Disney-land New Order" as we watch interviews of a JW's (MJ) who never grew up. I see many JW's stunted in their emotional and mental health due to this magical thinking. And now that they are older, it is really sad to see them struggle with this world they live in and lack of truely preparing themselves for their later years.

    Thanks for the threat, excellent.


  • Duncan

    Old Hippie, you said:

    I so much WANT the Paradise to be true, want it to happen, to be like that;

    And Blondie said:

    JW bubble burster from way back

    - which is exactly what I am, in this instance.

    OH, I hear your despair, and I sympathise. But it IS a fantasy, it will never do you any good longing for it.

    I am reminded of a line from one of James Thurber’s modern fables (after someone has just debunked his peoples entire myth-system and they find they have nothing left to live for):

    “Why must the Shattermyth also be

    a Crumplehope and Dampenglee?”


  • FreeFallin

    Dear Old Hippie,

    I WANT Paradise, I WANT The New World. ................. I want to get drunk, it seems, that is easier.

    I'm sorry and I know how you feel. One more empty promise........I suggest a trip to the liquor store.

    Free Fallin


    Hey Duncan,I enjoyed your post.Nice to see you on the board again...OUTLAW

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