Got My First Diesel. But...

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  • Trauma_Hound

    Very Cool Jim! There was a diesal at Hemp Fest in Seattle, that ran on Hemp oil.

  • LB

    You need a block heater during the winter months to effectivly start a diesel. If I forget to plug my bus in, it won't start for a very long time. If it's plugged in it started on the first crank.

    A couple of gripes about diesel. First of all diesel fuel is cheap to manufacture. Takes very little cooking. It should sell for less than half of the cost of regular fuel. But it costs more.

    Second is the letter I received fomr the Oregon Department of Education. It is a warning that the people most likely to contract cancer at pubic schools these days are first of all school bus drivers. Second? Children who ride school buses. The risks are very low, but......

    We are no longer allowed to idle buses on school property. When we pull up we are to shut it down as soon as we can set the air brakes. We aren't to start our bus until the bus in front has started up and is beginning to move away. Interesting isn't it?

    But all the things I've put in my body over the years and all the things I've put parts of my body in seem to suggest that I am immune to almost anything.

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  • qwerty

    Ok, don't know what happened then.


    I just got rid of my nice wittle Peugot (never could spell that word) 205 diesel. It was prob the best car I have had. Alway started even on the coldest mornings.

    I think erics idea is a good one..............

    Without giving you a primer on diesels, try this. When it is really cold, turn the key or push the switch that illumates the lamp for ten seconds twice before you crank it over. A nice warm head is required for diesel happiness.

    It maybe that it's you injecters that need a good clean, because our cold mornings are nothing like what the U.S.A and cananda would get (like I need to tell you that!).

    Don't do what one of my inlaws did and refill with petrol. LOL the funny thing he did it twice! It's a real pain having to drain the fuel system.



  • Englishman

    OK, lads, thanks for your help, it's much appreciated.

    The UK weather is pretty mild in winter compared to N America, so there aren't any facilities for external head warmers etc. One point that I hadn't realised is that the little light goes out after about 5 seconds, but the clunk from the glow-plug solenoid doesn't happen till about 12 seconds, so I may combine the advice about pre-heating twice with a good dose of Wynns injector cleaner.


  • qwerty

    Just thought, I don't know if you already do this but...........I was advised to always depress the clutch, to take the strain from the gear box/clutch off the engine, even if the car is neutral. The engine will not have to rotate the clutch and part of the gear box, this takes the wear off the starter motor too.

    Mr Q.

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