Come on People Get a Life......

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  • Tatiana


    I know what you mean. Even though I've been here a while, I'd only had my computer for about a month when I typed in Jehovah's Witnesses. I could not believe what I found.

    This place. I thought I was alone. I thought no one else knew what I felt. I thought I was crazy! I thought I was the ONLY ONE going through all this crap.

    I felt like a weight was lifted off my soul to know that others felt EXACTLY like ME!!!!

    I have changed also, since I found this sanctuary. I've started talking to my uncle again, (anointed-but questioning), I am working on getting my niece out, and I'm slowly but surely getting used to my mother's shunning of us.

    This place is not so bad to be addicted to.....waaaaayyy better than Donkey Punching!!!!!



  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    I don't have to wait for anyone to tell me to get a life, I do it. Glad to hear you have recognized that there's more to life than hanging on to old thoughts and traditions.We individually have to reach out and explore.

    Guest 77


    Hey CHEVYSNTATS, yes...I know exactly how you feel/felt (past tense). I may have said similarly, but of course, there was no internet back in 1983/84.

    This forum; I've participated on many, is in my humble opinion, the best one I've encountered. Even after 19-20 years, I still find comfort and fellowship. People here, for the most part, can relate to your experience because they too were once Jehovah's Witnesses.

    I can appreciate your distain for the WTBTS as opposed to the JWs on a personal/human level. What mars their image, is their mind-controlled head space that devoids them of any personality or spirit.

    I'm glad you are here, I am glad I am here, and extremely glad to have made some decent contacts here on this forum in just less than 2 months.

    Previously I've stated that if anyone remembered me on other forums, they'd notice how different I am here. That speaks for itself, it has a good vibe and variety of REAL People in it. It's great too, because the forum does welcome new people, and those questioning and even the trolls (crossing fingers/toes/eyes) that they'll drop the JW blinders and see things for what they truly are over there in Dubland: false.

    CHEVYSNTATS, who knows, your being here unknowingly, may have helped someone leave the WTBTS. I hope one day to find a long lost dub-friend on here. I hope you will too.

    ((Shakes hands with Chevysntats)) - Rayzorblade is pleased to meet you.

  • Jesika

    LOL @ chev

    I thought that's what you meant, but since you can't hear tone of voice it makes it hard sometimes.

    I guess since I knew a couple people here from Silentlambs, it made posting easier. Plus I didn't have to talk about abuse all the time which was nice.

    I know I will be hear for a long time since I have made so many friends here.

    Good thread btw.


  • ApagaLaLuz

    Nice to formally meet you as well Rayzorblade.

    Though I doubt I've helped anyone leave the JWs. Most of my posts are about sex :)

  • TR
    I came to the board, aggressive, rebellious, and intolerant.

    So did I, and I still am. I like to be consistant.


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