Honestly, Do You Still Act or Think Like a JW?

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  • Ucantnome
    Probably I am a Christian
  • FayeDunaway

    I still get really really down on myself for past and present mistakes...mostly past, as im a better person now that I'm not a witness. I started a thread here (one of 2! I'm so lame!!) about the guilt I feel when I'm not perfect, and the responses helped a lot. Now I repeat this mantra when I'm feeling down on myself and it allows me to keep things in perspective:

    I'm not perfect. I will never be perfect. I will do stupid things.

  • TD

    Jehovah's Witnesses prey on common human frailties that we all have in common, including but not limited to the desire for a chaotic world to make sense; The desire for life to have a greater purpose; Vague feelings of patterns in random events; The desire to feel important and informed; Frustration with the apathy and shallowness of large segments of the population; Fear, uncertainty and doubt about the future, etc.

    Anybody who bought into the JW belief system either in whole, or in part (And I include myself in this..) probably had a susceptibility along these lines that is not easily shed...

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    I do. As many things I disagree with this Org, I still act and think as a JW.

    Indoctrination runs deep.


  • Ucantnome
    I'm basically the same person i was when i was a Witness but i am older. I still have the same good reputation that i had when i was a JW and as I am still a Christian I read the bible and pray, I dont sing but i never did.
  • Phizzy
  • freddo
    Not so much.
  • Sabin
    Mind control, if you didn't think like a jw at times you wouldn't put up a fight to not think like them, you wouldn't be bothered by what they say or do, you would just get on with your life, you wouldn't be on this web site feeling the need to answer this question. I think it takes courage to get away from them & hard work to deprogram your mind of all the crap & loaded language. Lets face it someone coming on this site who has never been a jw would struggle to know what we were talking about, DO, CO, SP, RP, circuit ass, district ass. So yes of corse , You asked for honesty.
  • Clambake


    I call bullshit on Cofty.

  • cofty
    You know nothing about me Clambake

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