If Jehovah's Witnesses Weren't So "Cultish," Would You Have Remained A JW?

by minimus 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • JH

    Even if they were more relaxed in their way of acting, deception is another factor. I've been deceived by them. The love is gone, just like when people divorce.

    Jesus's love only would make me come back.

  • minimus

    many people stay married, even if they're no longer in love. Same thing in this religion. I'd say close to half of the people that are Witnesses that I know aren't happy. They lost their joy a LONG time ago.

  • SheilaM

    No their lack of love would stil have been the same

  • TresHappy

    The thing is that if the JW's took everything away that makes them cultish, then the JW's wouldn't exist!

  • hurt

    Even now that I'm still, technically, a Witness, it's hard to attend meetings. I get physically sick at the meetings. It's true. It's all about the lying and deceit. After all's been said, the JW religion isn't much more different from several others, except that I've come to know and associate with the religiona nd can't help but be baffled at their capability for deceit, and their consistent claim to the contrary. A house of cards. If the hearts of the leaders of the JW religion could be caged, and the key kept under the pile of lies they've written and told, it's never be found. The key that is.

  • minimus

    There are more than a few that can say, in all honesty, "the meetings make me sick!". It's something when you know of people that FORCE THEMSELVES to go to meetings and while there develop allergic reactions to everything under the sun. Some people are petrified to be with crowds or speak in front of others. They get sick to their stomachs, but it means nada. For others, the thought of having to go to meetings is sickening, both literally and figuratively. BUT, since we are all unified, we must conform to the "organization".

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