If Jehovah's Witnesses Weren't So "Cultish," Would You Have Remained A JW?

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  • voltaire

    I would have stayed. I would have saved my marriage and been spared a tremendous amount of suffering. I wouldn't have agreed with everything, but who does agree with everything in every organization they belong to? It's not necessary.

  • gumby

    but who does agree with everything in every organization they belong to? It's not necessary.

    Hi Volatire,

    Actually in MANY cases it IS necessary in other religions. If you want to serve in a "position" in many churches....."I don't believe Jesus is God" and see if you can serve. Tell a baptist you like to have a drink or two every eving and dance on the weekend.....and see if you can serve. If you "keep quite" about these things......your better off. If it doesn't matter........why do so many christians hide what they do and believe?


  • minimus

    The majority of people don't care about "serving" in a administrative capacity.Plenty of people are content to just be Baptists, Pentecostals or Catholics. Most people don't give a rat's ass about being a "leader" in the church. Unless a person has certain aspirations, just belonging to a religion is good enough.

  • patio34

    Very interesting question, Minimus. It was irrelevant to my leaving, though.

    I left because i could no longer convince myself there was a god at all.

    Then I discovered all the garbage the WT was dishing out.


  • siegswife

    I don't think I would have. What you've identified as the cultish behavior didn't really bother me at the time. My problem with them was doctrinal in nature and I just couldn't continue to adhere to lies.

  • justhuman


  • minimus

    I suppose if a person began to doubt the existence of God, then staying in any religion would be meaningless. But I know many people that go to church on special occasions and yet do not believe in God or their church.

  • simplesally

    If they were not so adamant against blood, if they didn't try to control your life all the time (ie.. movies, entertainment, your marriage, your attire), if they didn't act so hypocritical and judgmental, if they didn't practice disfellowshipping, if they got rid of the requirement to "confess" to a committee of idiots, if they practiced humility and honesty in the KH, the publications and in real life........ then I probably would go back. But they want to maintain such high control tactics in order to keep the ones that they've got. I'm sorry, but I can't believe I actually kept mum about seeing "Schindler's List" because it was rated R!! I can't believe I let 3 idiots tell me that I had to be submissive and give my hard earned work money to a man who proved he didn't know how to spend it. Good thing I refused. But oh they blame that "independent spirit" on part of what led my 1st marriage down the drain. Hah!

  • teenyuck

    Minimus, I went to a Catholic church one week ago, on Sunday. My husband was going to the late mass and he has been pushing for years for me to come to church. I have occasionally gone on Xmas and Easter.

    I went only to keep him company. There are lots of families there and he said it is lonely going alone. I hate going. I think it is a waste of time and money-he gives $20.00 every week.

    He knows my beliefs and thinks that if I talk to a priest I will change my mind. I insist that I won't. He is convinced that we need to spend eternity in heaven. I told him that as long as I am a good person, if there is a god, he/she will recognize that I was a dummy and we will end up in eternity anyway. (that is my logic)

    I don't like the ceremony, the singing, the "peace be with you" or the passing of the collection plate.

    I will not become Catholic and I would never join a religion.

  • freedom96

    I would not have remained a witness regardless.

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