What is your priority in life?

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  • Soledad

    I guess I'll admit that I do, to a large extent, measure my success in life by the amount of money I make, and therefore my top priorities revolve around making a plan to make that money. awful isn't it?

  • wannaexit

    #1 family

    #2 to try to understand the Bible and God without hindrance from WT

    #3 To do some good volunteer work

    #4 Get in shape

  • pr_capone

    To enjoy my life and retake my youth.

  • ballistic

    Well as some of you may know, in the last year I gave up smoking and lost 60 lbs. This was in a search for "feeling better". Thats all I really want, and I am doing it. Other than that, I could do with getting gardens to grow things and leaving this flat, I'm nearly there as well.

  • Sargon

    My priorties are fairly simple: to remain non-smoking yet still manage to stumble around most of the day in an alcohol induced stupor. (It's actually the one thing I've managed to succeed at for the last 20 years.)

  • ballistic

    Sargon, if you can find a way to do that while improving the rest of your life, I want to be the first on your mailing list!


    My priorities . . .?

    1. My health is my top priority (healing my spirituality which also relates to my emotions)
    2. My job/career, because it is also my livelihood, since I am alone
    3. My ballroom dancing


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