Mak(ena) is thinking of buying a truck - any suggestions?

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  • Makena1

    Thinking of trading in Sabine's little Miata for a pick up truck. The Miata has beenfun to drive when the weather is nice. However, if you know what Seattle is like 9 months out of the year, you do not get to put the top down very often. Finally, (apologies to the ladies) - I do not want to drive a chick car anymore!!!LOL)

    I have ridden in and/or driven Ford, Chevy, Dodge and Toyota pick ups. Just need something that is reliable, can haul a yard or so of bark, gravel, etc. for landscaping and other household projects.

    Not looking for a brand new truck - want to keep the price under $15,000 if possible. Also interested in decent mileage, so that may rule out the bigger models.

    I have never owned a truck - but secretly always wanted one - any suggestions from you truck owners out there?

    Thanks a bunch,


  • animal

    Dodge Rams are great and last forever.... I have a '97.


  • Francois

    You may already be on top of this, but whatever you do, do get a V8. And remember Ford's are cold natured beasts. I have problems cranking my F-150 in Georgia, fer crissake.

    Don't be slapping your forehead saying - about two months after purchase, "I coulda had a V8."


    Going to war without France is like going deer hunting without an accordian.

  • imanaliento
  • riz

    My personal favorites are the Dodge Ram and the Toyota Tundra.

    *high-fives animal*

  • Makena1

    Thanks for the replies! I have been researching Dodge Ram and Toyota trucks. The Toyota SR-5 engines (which the Tacoma, Tundra are next generation?) seem to have a reputation for long life.

    Any Chevy truck owners out there? The dealer I bought the Miata from is mostly a Chevy dealer. I like the way I was treated there and may go back and have a look see.

    Francois - will definitely keep the "wow I shoulda bought a V-8" in mind. Good one!

    Anyone else?



  • animal

    Here is my truck.... 1997 Dodge Ram

  • SheilaM

    AnimalI will keep Thunder away from this post, he hates Dodges his favorite saying is if you get hit by one you go straight to hell LOL He thinks your so cool I promise to never tell <making sign of the cross>

  • gold_morning


    Do I have a truck for you. Bet you don't live in my state.

    My daughter has just gotten divorced. 5 months ago her husband wanted a new truck. He has bad credit from a previous bankruptcy...... so my daughter bought it for him. A brand new Dodge Dakota. (v6) Silver. She is now divorced and she never would have boughten a truck for herself. She wants to sell it only for what she owes the bank. The book value is a little over $14,000 but she will sell it for her bank close out owed of $12,800. It is a great dea!!!!!! It will be in the paper next week.

    She wants to clear the loan and then buy herself a cute little car. It really is a great deal for someone. A new 2002 for $12,800. Upstate New York here.


  • TR

    I thought Ford F-150s 250s and 350s were the only trucks out there. There are other brands? My '79 F-150 was as good as new. Since I don't need a full size p/up anymore, I bought a Ranger.


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