New field service tactics!

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  • JT

    6of 9 says

    I saw this posted on WOL.

    what is WOL



  • Prisca

    JT - WOL stands for a pro-Witless site called Witnesses Online, found here at this link :


  • Sunchild

    When I read this post (and I recognized it from WOL), my first reaction was, "What kind of a-hole would even think something like this?" Then I looked back on my first three years as a JW and realized that, back then, I would've found those same remarks hilarious -- not because they're so outlandish, but because that's what I was actually thinking.

    I don't think that Witnesses have the slightest clue how arrogant and obnoxious they are. They just can't. If they did, they'd realize that the "persecution" they endure is typically given with good reason.


    "Most men complacently accept 'knowledge' as 'truth'. They are sheep, ruled by fear."
    -- Sydney Losstarot, "Vagrant Story."

  • messenger

    how about a response to the response....

    1. i know you think you are really smart, but most of jw's have never finished high school, believe me to everyone else in the universe that is not very smart.

    2. yes i am busy, you see i have a day job and do not work as a janitor the way most jw's do, which of course gives them more time to pester people.

    3. gee you guys have it so together, you mean if i join that i can wear really cheap suits, drive worn out cars around doing endless book sales, i need a few days to think it over....

    4. i am not interested in being a stupid cult member and talking to someone who is to stupid to realize it. have a nice day.

    5. i understand what the bible says about goats being destroyed, have you ever read the scripture about what God does to people who judge others?

    6. after accepting magazines say, i really enjoy these because when i take a dump i find crap sticks these twice as good as toilet paper.

    7. someday when you open your mind to really thinking about things, you are going to realize just how foolish you are today. When you do, i hope you remember this day and remember me as the person who told you it was going to happen.

  • crossroads

    #8-Hand them the Charitable planning brocher opened
    to page 16 ask them to come back in twenty years when
    Robert and Carole will start collecting. The end wiil be
    much closer than.Oh one more thing see if they would
    like to invest.
    Peace and Love-Mark

  • NikL

    I am not sure if Stephanus took it serious or not. Jeeze I hope not.
    The funniest part of all this is that my good lil JW wife was sent this in an e mail. This is REALLY what the lovable Dubs think as they pound on your door.
    Kind of pathetic when you get right down to it.

  • Stephanus

    The reason I reacted to this the way I did is found here:

    The way the rank and file felt that it was only inappropriate simply because they'd never get away with it totally appalled me! I simply assumed the post was posted in the same vein here. If I hadn't been first cab off the rank, I'd have seen the responses and the spirit in which it was received. My apologies for overreacting!

  • Tina

    Hi ,
    Thanks for the laugh...they are pathetic tho,,,(smile) Tina

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