Im always afraid

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  • Ruby456


    If you attend meetings then it is likely that you will be having existential anxieties fanned to great peaks so that the comfort and safety of being one of Jehovahs witnesses can then be stressed. This is played out over and over again in the meetings. Since you do not believe anymore all you are left with is the anxiety. And if you have emotional highs and lows anyway (normal as you 16) you are in for a very rough time.

    You have been given lots of good advice about seeing your family doctor. Meanwhile try to focus on the things that you like doing. do you exercise, run, play football or go to the gym? what about your school? do you like studying?

  • Xanthippe
    Blackwolf my daughter is twenty and it's been great that she's been able to make friends at school because she didn't have to grow up in that religion. Did your parents stop you having friends in the 'world'? Or is there anyone you can talk to at school? One friend of my daughter's was very depressed for a while but she's a lot better now and at university. It's a tough time and not helped by your parents' religious views. Hang in there and talk to someone, please.❤️
  • KateWild


    It sounds like you really don't have anyone to talk to or who will listen to you. I am here for you.

    I live in the UK and have two kids. One over 16 past her situation of being forced to deal with JW crap and one younger than 16 forced to deal with JW crap.

    If you have a smartphone you can call me using WhatsApp if you have an Internet connection.

    Just don't do anything to harm yourself.

    Pm me with your number if you want me to ring you and a time you have some privacy.

    Take care

    Kate xx

  • BlackWolf
    Thank you all for your advice. Although I don't really have any close friends and I'm not allowed to talk to non jws. And I homeschool.
  • Vidiot

    BlackWolf- "I don't really have any close friends and I'm not allowed to talk to non jws. And I homeschool."

    Jeezus, why don't they just lock you in the f**king cellar and be done with it?


    Do you know (or know of) any non-JW relatives?

  • OneEyedJoe
    Thank you all for your advice. Although I don't really have any close friends and I'm not allowed to talk to non jws. And I homeschool.

    You're definitely in an unenviable position. Obviously the ideal would be to have a great support system of people that could be physically present with you. If that's not possible, feel free to PM me if you ever want to talk things through. I'm sure a great many others on this site would be willing to provide a listening ear as well.

  • paradisebeauty

    He loves you. What God wants is that Him and people would be close again.

    However, I noticed smth, I think our relationship with out father, physical father, the immage we have our our father, influences the way we see God....

    But God is not like our parents, and not like the wt pictures Him!!!

    The watchtower created an image of god who is always demanding, like you can never satisfy Him, like no matter what you do, you do not do enough .... God is not like that!!!

  • Xanthippe
    PM me too if you want to BlackWolf. I've had depression when I was in my twenties in that religion. I know what it feels like to think about dying and not to want to face another day.
  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    Im 43 years old and scared too about there being no God...was nice to feel Jah had my back! But billions of people live good happy lives without god. My advice dont drink lots a booze it doesn't gets better when your older...get some proffesional help...i wish i was 16 and could start over all the stupid mistakes Ive made. You can still fix this take care mate.
  • paradisebeauty

    From what I read, I see some people feel this way because maybe there is this thought:

    "If God is not with the jw's, is He at all?"

    I want to tell you that jw's are not special at all as a religion / cult. They have, just like any other religion / cult true doctrines mixed with false ones, they have Gnostic ideas, pagan origins for some, they used and still use pagan symbols.

    So please do not think that if god is not in the jw org, He is not at all.

    God has nothing to do with big religious organizations. God deals with people not with organizations!

    God gave us the Bible and Jesus said the helper, Holy spirit, will be with us until He comes back. Jesus is our mediator and we have direct access to God, we need no organization. We have everything we need to get close to God, wherever we are, whoever we are.

    Weekly going to a "church" or "preaching" does not get you closer to God. You can only get close to him when you are alone with Him.

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