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  • BluesBrother

    I am sure they used the text a lot earlier , but here is one example from 47 years ago :

    Wt 1968 p754

    ” (Luke 21:28) We of “this generation” have seen these foretold things “start to occur” in 1914, and now for the last fifty-four years we have seen them occurring. So our convictions have been confirmed. From a long train of foretold events we know that the kingdom of God is getting near to its act of destroying this system of things and its supporters at Armageddon and bringing about our glorious deliverance.
    Today they say the same for the new generation (if I may use that word?) of dubs and they still lap it up ....Par 3 of this study :"Soon ,very soon,each of us will face a similar situation...."Ever heard of the little boy who cried "Wolf!" ?
    Conjecture and speculation rules. The article is peppered with "Apparently's" and "No doubt's" & "It seems likely"
    There was a time once, when a young BluesBrother would have been thrilled by this article - Now an older, wiser sadder man can only despair at the younger ones equally misled.

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