New Girl on the Block

by PhoenixFyre 16 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Jimmer

    Welcome, from the thawing Midwest.
    I wish I were 23.
    But these aching bones are two days from 40 (aaaaargh!)
    Of course, now that I'm out from under the watchful (prying) eyes of the organization, I get to celebrate my birthday.

    For all you just out or just thinking about it, B-days will make you smile (as opposed to any meeting I ever went to.)

    Hey, celebrate leaving the WBTS. That's worth celebrating!

  • Carmel


    My duaghter's email name is blackphoenix! She's one georgeous gal! You should sashay down and help old waiting. She can hardly move about these days, with the arthritis and all. I'm glad I'm not 27 and in Georgia! My bones are doing just fine and the weather is wonderful! Hope you and miss bonnie hang around a while and help the old vemins on the board here. One's dragging a leg and the other can't make it from the mounting board up on to the back of her old grey mare.


    the spring chicken

  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    Happy Birthday Jimmer,
    Forty ain't so bad!! Celebrate your life.

  • Flowerpetal

    Welcome Bonnie and Phoenix!

  • mommy

    Hey PheonixFyre,
    I live relatively close to you in Nc. I lived in Atlanta for a bit, in Forest Park. I am 26 and have 2 kids. I also have Aol, so feel free to email me too Welcome to the board.

  • ShaunaC

    Guys, I should have said something earlier but.....

    The day Phoenix posted this message she was also in the chat room. She was under the impression that this was a Witness site. When she found out there were Df'd and Da'd people here she ran off, making it quite clear she did not want to associate with people like us.

    I hope she looked around a bit first and saw something that will make her think later on.....but I doubt it since if she actually read any of the threads she would have seen that most of us are not lovers of the WT.

    Anyway, I don't want to discourage her from lurking if she infact still is...but I also know how loving all of you are and how open you are to welcoming new ones. I just wanted you to be aware.


  • Jang

    Hi there .... I am JanG and I am from Brisbane Australia. My father was an Atlanta boy. I have been
    there 3 times myself and hope to go again soon to see my family.


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