If You Could Ask Ray Franz A Question, What Would It Be?

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  • Prisca

    LB said:

    Then I would find great pleasure in thanking him and shaking his hand. Give him a smile and allow him his peace.

    I feel the same way. I don't see the need to "pick" his brains or anything else. He's an aging man, who's already had one stroke, so I would imagine he isn't that interested in fielding loads of questions from strangers.

    If I met Ray Franz, I would let him know that I appreciated his books, and that I wish him and Cynthia well for the future. What more can you do for a guy who has done so much for so many people?

  • minimus

    Does anybody know whether Cynthia, Ray's wife was ever disfellowshipped? .....(another ?) I've read nothing to suggest that she was.

  • Farkel

    : I'm sure Ray Franz will answer all sincere questions not already addressed in his books as he has time. Questions that are not intrusive or insulting though not intended that way.

    Ray only has one major problem: he will get back to EVERYONE who communicates with him. Unlike the GB that he was once a part of. They were too big of cowards to face their accuser Bill Bowen when he and others made their March on Brooklyn. The current GB are a big bunch of cowards and losers. Ray is open and honest.

    I ordered yet another book from Ray about three years ago and wrote him a nice letter telling him how much I appreciated what he has done to expose WTS nonsense. I explicity said in my letter than I know he has tons of correspondence to deal with, and explicitly told him I did not expect any response.

    Several days later I got the book AND a personal letter from Ray. That is the kind of guy he is. I admire him to no end, even though I don't embrace his particular take on Christianity. He is welcome in my life for just who he is, and I'm certain he would welcome me more into his life for being just the way I am. The only reason I haven't put myself in his life very much is due to the fact that he IS 80 years old, and at that age, one needs to enjoy quietly and privately the precious life remaining.

    Cynthia has not been disfellowshipped, according to what I know, byw.


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