The best surgery for men, Hernia surgery.

by James Mixon 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I had one two weeks ago, I'm fine. But how nice it was not to lift anything over

    10 pounds. Wife, dear can you take out the trash? No remember what the Dr said,

    nothing over 10 pounds. Dear wife can you bring my dinner, those potatoes must weigh

    over sixteen ounces. Two weeks of leisure, love it.

    So men if you need two weeks of doing nothing, get that hernia surgery.

  • Phizzy

    Two Weeks ! great !

    I have a Hernia, must book myself in, two weeks of annoying the wife and making her do all the heavy stuff is well worth a bit of surgery !

    I wish you a full recovery, and don't Bust a Gut !

  • unknown ex-jw
    unknown ex-jw
    That's also 2 weeks of no sex, I'll pass!
  • OnTheWayOut

    Yeah, if only......

    I had a bit more serious hernia surgery then. I couldn't lift 10 pounds for 4 weeks and it was very very difficult to even get out of bed for the first 3 weeks, then it still hurt until the 4th week. Any being spoiled was because I really couldn't do things for myself.

    But it was definitely a good thing to have done. Some of my coworkers could see a small lump on the right of my abdomen and they called it my "alien." So it's gone for years now.

  • Fisherman

    Was it an inguinal hernia?

    Did you get general?

    Did they cut or did they insert the mesh through an incision?

    What is your recomendation?

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Fisherman: They cut and inserted the mesh through an incision and yes

    a general. I was ok after 5days, a little sore but doing fine. I went in to repair

    one hernia, they repaired three. Not sure what a inguinal hernia is...

    unknown: I'm 68, I need a break from sex.LOL

    OnThe way Out: Yes mine began to protrude, it was time..

    Phizzy: I will try not to "Bust my gut".

  • Terry

    I feel your pain! Nothing is more uncomfortable than feeling your intestines slipping down into your testicles!

    This should cheer you up:

    When I was a teen, I developed a bilateral inguinal hernia (both sides) from my job as a bricklayer's assistant.
    I elected to try and repair it with sit-ups on an incline board and weights behind my neck.
    Everybody told me I was crazy--but--I did not want surgery.

    After 6 mos. of daily situps (three times a day!) I had managed somehow or other to strengthen my lower abdomen enough I no longer had the detectable slippage!

    Here is the ironic part. My doctor had diagnosed me as needing surgery about the time I was fighting with the Draft Board and the Selective Service. By the time the Army doctor examined me, I no longer had detectable hernias!
    If I had NOT done all those exercises, I probably would have failed my Armed Forces medical exam and wouldn't have had to go to prison! But I passed the exam, and the rest is--unfortunately--history!

    To this day, I've not experienced any problems again. I do continue to do situps. . . just in case!

  • Bonsai
    LOL. Great thread! I had a hernia in my groin and they meshed me up. Took almost a month to get back to 100% . Hernias suck, but I'm glad I got the surgery. There is nothing like trying to hold your guts in when you are laughing too hard or trying to take a #2. My kid had a hernia when he/she/it was born, but thankfully it went away naturally.
  • punkofnice

    If it's any consolation, I've had 4 hernia ops. I now have more mesh than a flack jacket.

    The first one was an open wound. They put a screen over my belly so I couldn't see them work. A young nurse came along and asked: 'Would you like to hear some music, Mr Jackson?' I can't tell you how surreal that was.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    I had two hernia operations on the same side. The first one was a straight stitch-up. After about five years, the damn thing popped out again. Went to a different doctor (different cities and insurance plans). He did a nice job and used the mesh. Unfortunately, I found out that the mesh he used is made by the same company that is paying for all those lawsuits - but they are specifically for women, except in extreme cases. The problem is that I have to prove that my doctor used that specific mesh, that specific application, etc.

    Men are treated a bit differently. If you are a couch potato, or retired and do not hold regular employment, etc. then there are a lot of hoops you have to jump through. Is it causing me pain? No. Is it restricting my sexual activity? What's that? Do I have a job or participate in an activity that requires climbing, lifting or stair climbing. No.

    I'm 72, retired - sit in front of a computer 2/3 of my time and a TV the rest. The only real exercise I get is when the Oregon football team scores a touchdown and I jump up and down acting like a fool for 5 minutes. The only thing I lift frequently is my coffee mug and my wine glass.

    BTW - when they do that operation you have an excuse to not do chores for at least a week - so it's not all bad.


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