When householders take the mags

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  • Sadie5

    there is a homemaking type board that I visit and some of the ladies there were complaining about JWs that just keep coming back. being nice, they had accepted the mags and then threw them in the trash. One ladies noticed that the same JW showed up every few weeks with a different person and gave her the new magazines. She noticed that no other house on her block was visited, and thus felt targeted by JWs. She found their continual return to be annoying.

    I explained to her the system they have of covering an area, then returning again and again to the ones who accepted magazines or books. It's better to say no and not take anything, or better yet tell them to place your house on a do not call list. Call the local KH and request that your home be placed on a do not call list.

    I find this humorous, while the Society counts all these magazines as placements, how many are taken by polite people and then tossed in the trash?


  • freedom96

    I think that most who accept the magazines flip through them for about 10 seconds, see if anything catches their eye. After that, straight into the trash, where they belong.

  • concerned mama
    concerned mama


    You are so right. I have told other outsiders about the JW magazine system, and what horrifies them the most is that the JWs have had to BUY those magazines from the Watchtower. Most worldlies think that they are provided free to the JWs to hand out, so feel badly when they realize that they have just chucked propaganda that was purchased by the door knocking JW's hard earned cash.

  • ChristianObserver

    Hello :o)

    I had no idea until a short while ago that the Jehovah's Witnesses who offered the magazines at the door had paid for them! I had never been asked for payment and assumed that the magazines came from a budget set aside for *evangelism*.

    Out of interest, could you tell me how much each magazine costs?


  • concerned mama
    concerned mama

    Hi Christian Observer,

    Sorry, since I am not JW, I have no idea how much they cost. That's something I have always been curious about as well. I will ask someone when I have the opportunity.

  • Simon

    They used to be about £0.30p for the two (a long time back) but then moved to a "donation arrangement" (because of the Jimmy Swaggart tax case) where they didn't have set prices. After this they emphasised the value of the magazines and often compared them to glossy, worldly mags and how much they cost. People could pay £5 or £10 for a 'wad' of mags to go on the work with.

    Of course the WTS never loses. Even if the publishers were bold enough not to contribute for the at the hall, the WTS still kept track of the literature and donations from that congregation and if they fell short would be sent a reminder.

  • Gerard

    Can't tell you much...JWs knoked on my door only twice in three years and I didn't ansrew the door.

  • blondie

    Hey, Sadie5, how many JWs pickup up their mags and never look at them till the Sunday they are studied. I know of some who have piles in the corner that are as pristine as the day they picked them up at the magazine counter. I know of some who place magazines they haven't read either.

    So the average JW doesn't care if the householder reads them since the JW most likely hasn't read them themselves. It's just great to go back to the car and announce to the assembled that you have placed 2 more magazines and that makes 8 that morning so they can it down on their service record.

    That was great cluing them in to why the JW kept returning, Sadie.


  • ozziepost

    Not "When householders take the mags" but.......

    WHY do they take the mags?

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • pr_capone

    Blondie said :" I know of some who place magazines they haven't read either."

    You mean we were supposed to be reading those before placing them!??!?!?! SHIT! Thats what I must have been doing wrong! LMAO

    I NEVER read the magazines, never studied for the Watchtower. Nothing, almost always placed more than my pioneer partners. Gotta love the back issue in the door! LMAO

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