The Sailboat

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  • compound complex II
    compound complex II

    My tech guy made my original summery day at sea into a brewing tempest. Sort of like life, yes?


  • blownaway

    Better than Jackson Pollak crap

  • sparrowdown

    I like it, very Turner-esk.

    Just like life, every silver lining has a black cloud.

  • humbled

    Hello, Coco!

    So right Sparrowdown!

    And that lovely painting might well serve as a portrait of JWN at the moment ...

    l think l am blownaway!

  • scratchme1010

    Love it.

  • compound complex II
    compound complex II

    Thanks, blownaway, sparrowdown, humbled, and scratchme.

    The original was composed of two shades of blue and titanium white, mixed with linseed oil. The yellow of the oil shown faintly in the original, but the tech's tweaking of the pixels and whatnot created what you see.

    IMHO, my hat's off to the technician!


  • LV101

    Coco -- I like it! Realism yet wild, tad on the 'abstract-y', side. Where's the sailboat? I may have spotted the sail!

    LOL - Jackson Pollack's famous paintings were considered 'non-objective' art. Peggy Guggenheim/Rockefeller possess much of his great art. He was poor and painted some of his masterpieces with latex/hardware store paint (which is acrylic) on old sheets as his canvases. Curators work very hard today preserving his art. I love his work and could spend hrs. at Guggenheim's summer home (museum open to public) in Venice, Italy -- one entire room of Pollack. At least she shares her collection - it's fabulous.

  • compound complex II
    compound complex II

    Thanks, LV101.

    You spotted the sail; the boat is suggested.

    I do not do hidden subliminal stuff, but there are weird images in the sky that I saw only after they were pointed out to me.

    This has been one of my best sellers.

  • LV101

    I'm sure it is a best seller. What are they - giclees/prints? Do you have your tech guy do this to your paintings?

    Do you use any solvent (turps/mineral spirits) with your linseed oil or work thin to fat or just straight out of the tube (which is fine) adding linseed oil when/where needed? If you don't wish to reveal your medium secrets no big deal - I get it! I love oil.

    Keep up the beautiful work and make lots of moolah!

  • compound complex II
    compound complex II

    Thanks, LV101, for your response.

    Paper and canvas prints, depending on how the print company defines gicler, to spit or squirt ink, and how much the artist can pay. Other canvas prints have been hand embellished to create a more realistic, painterly effect, useful but costlier for me when a print company used the wrong paper on a run of 1000 prints. The above was a happy accident when my tech did the initial photography of my then current opera.

    I haven't painted in oils for years, going both fat and thin. Impasto requires the former, naturally, applied with knife/sturdy brush.

    More later, . . .

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