Wimbledon's attitude to Russian/Belorussian players ...

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  • cofty
    On the one hand they demonise Putin as this evil dictator..

    He is.

    Two things can be true at once.

  • Diogenesister
    He is.
    Two things can be true at once.

    I agree. The All England Club can't seem to get their head around that one, though.
  • SydBarrett

    "Fun fact II: the Nazi party copied a lot of their racist belief system from the US democratic party, but decided to tone it down because they thought it was a bit too strong. Think about that."

    And in 1968, the southern democrat wing of the party (the voters you speak of), being angered by the 1964 Civil Rights Act were welcomed with open arms (courted actually) into the Republican Party as loyal voters where they remain.

    The south was known as the "solid south" since the civil war, then in 1964 it flipped to Republican. Gee....I wonder why.... ..🙄

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