Proof that Watchtower Invested $40M into Hedge funds...

by Newly Enlightened 12 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • disfellowshipped1
    Interesting explanation by an apologist: link
  • JWdaughter

    I'm still not "getting" what is the big deal about hedge funds vs other investments. I found out Is that non-profits and trusts and other kinds of charities or scholarships invest in this way. Seems risky and stupid, perhaps (Dave Ramsey would have a thing to say about financial stewardship, but is seems accepted among worldly circles).

    Is this actually a smoking gun or even a red flag of any kind?

  • Magnum

    Can somebody clear this up? It seems to me that they invested $500,000,000 and sold or withdrew $40,000,000. Is that right? disfellowshipped1's link seems to indicate the same thing.

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