About 'Regular' Pioneers

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  • Gayle

    Now that District Overseers have been deleted, now that Bethelites are being devalued and increasingly dismissed, Now that Special Pioneers are being deleted in U.S., and maybe elsewhere gradually. Who would have ever thought?

    Yet, now what is the value to be a Regular Pioneer to the org? Yes, the org. doesn't have to pay anything for them. I suppose they create some extra hype in congregations and some may get others to go in service more. So what! In the U.S., on the average of baptisms to RPs it takes 4.4 full-time RPs to 1 baptism per year (160,273/36,064). According to some reports, about half baptized are JW kids, therefore, it may take 8 or 9 regular pioneers on avg. to bring in one baptized. No doubt, many to most are just pubs. that have snagged someone some other way to get baptized.

    Really, what is their value to the org? Do RPs donate financially much to the org? I expect most don't donate much.

    Does the org. need them?

  • kairos
    Imagine all of these regular pioneers being "promoted" by Jehovah to the top level of service overnight. "What a blessing "...
  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    the org. doesn't have to pay anything for them.

    And the org gets what they pay for.

    I suppose they create some extra hype in congregations and some may get others to go in service more.

    I knew plenty of pioneers that created hype and took bragging rights about their position, yet they had no "progressive" bible studies and rarely went out with the "average" publishers on the weekend. Their specialty was finding studies in the local jail and driving around during weekdays counting their time.

    Do RPs donate financially much to the org?

    Most that I knew didn't have much to donate financially and considered their time preaching as their donation.

  • Phizzy

    You are right Gayle, I am sure, but for the present they will keep the position for the sacked Bethel workers etc to fill and still feel important, the only cost being that maybe an ex pioneer may then earn more and donate more, but that is probably not going to happen.

    But I do expect more real cost-cutting in the near future, it seems to be their only tool at present to deal with their severe cash flow problem.

  • brandnew
    All downhill, as long as warwick gets built.....who cares....gb still get a free ride. And especially the free house, cars, meals, healthcare, etc. Who cares about the people they step on to get there.....they were expendable from the get go.....duh.
  • steve2

    Yet, now what is the value to be a Regular Pioneer to the org?

    A very pertinent question Gayle!

    In their "explaining away" the need for the "Special" Pioneer arrangement in Western lands, the "take home" message among the rank and file" will hardly be to think, "Oh, I must now do all I can to become Regular Pioneer".

    Quite the opposite in fact.

    This organization has gone from oozing urgency to oozing depletion. All else is simply rearranging the deck chairs.

    I don't expect it to be uniformly downhill from here, though. But more spluttering and stagnation will be by products of the cutbacks.

    This blatant cost-cutting move will add momentum to the sluggishness in JW-land.

  • _Morpheus

    Interesting question gale but i take the opposite view. As i see if, pioneers have zero downside for the org so why not have as many as possible? Its always been a tiered system of service and rank and pioneer is the best some can ever achieve since they lack a penis. They arnt a a paticular drain since so much literature is digital now. Its simple numbers for them.... Send as many as you can out to recruit and see what sticks. Its all free, who cares!

  • Gayle
    I suspect most dismissed Bethelites will not take up Reg. Pio., or not for long anyway. Unless they have family or someone helping. But the reality of working in the 'real' world and seeing how easily and quickly the org. can dismiss them and devalue them will hit hard.
  • Unprodigal Daughter
    Unprodigal Daughter
    There was always a certain percentage of pioneers who were only putting in the hours to enable them to reach their next goal. But with no more Gilead, no more special pioneers and no more prospects of going to Bethel, there's not much incentive for school-leavers to take up long-term pioneering. Wt can kiss good bye to those.
  • NewYork44M

    Keeping people busy is the end game of the Watchtower. Encouraging pioneering does not require additional resources from the part of the Wt. The risk is all with the individual. But a busy witness is a good witness. So, they will continue to encourage this avenue of service. Recognizing full well that it is a waste of time.

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