A Fantasy I Have To Protest Cart Witnessing

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Make the entire offer for free and see who places the most, and have some well thought out lines when people approach you. You can explain that it is a highly symbolic offer in memory of those that died listening to a charismatic religious leader and a warning to the general public to use critical thinking when someone promises you the answer to all of life's most important questions. Beware Of Religious Printing Corporations That Shun Former Devotees To Keep The Scam Running!

    I think there is a good chance you might place more no need to harass the JWs by being too close just ahead of the general flow of traffic to serve as a public warning announcement.

  • caves

    I would be down to set up with someone else near them and satirically copy them( slight change in spelling/ meaning and pics). I would want "our cart" to mimic almost every thing verbatim except have funny, dry, satirical articles in what was in our cart. Pick an emotional topic like "why do we die?' . Inside the "The LightTower" and "Aware" it would address the topic on the front page in the articles with lots of quick easy to grasp scientific data (verified data) of how everything does die. Use the similar bible verses to show how "faithful" people have died with gods approval for 1000s of years. And in a funny, dry humor way, describe how our bodies being forced to stay perfect forever would be horrific. Fun with the names of 'Publications'... "What the bible can't and can teach us"...."An introduction to Gods word, Our way"...."When someone you love is sexually abused in the hall" (picturing an actual hallway) ... "Youths- What will you do with your life? McDonalds or Wendys"... "Lasting Peace and Cognitive Dissonance, How to find them? ..."My Book of Governing Body Storys"...."Examining the Governing Body- Daily"... Videos and movies- "Remember the Daughters of Lot" ... "Keep the Pace- by standing still at your cart"...

    I would want to dress in a suit. Be very calm and nice never acknowledging that the jws were there.

    And of course they'd come over when they see you because you'd look just like them...with a cart and very similar looking literature. Could make a loudish phone call if not , pretending to call my local 'elder' asking if I was sent to the wrong spot "as it seems other "Cart" members are here. Without ever going to talk/ nor engaging in talk, to them or making eye contact.

    That would freak their shit out. lol.

    It would be hard for me to not laugh. Or vomit. Both LOL.

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