Is doomsday coming as the Bible predicts or will nothing happen eventually?

by Fisherman 17 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Suddenly, like an ostrich flying at night, nothing will happen. Nothing always happens, but most people are too busy to notice.

  • waton

    fisherman, the bible is a mere 10 billion years out, a number with 10 zeros, about the beginning of the earth, when the universe was made out of nothing aka energy .

    If nature has it's course it will turn into nothing aka energy again in time.

    The earth according to the bible is hung on nothing too, really it is energy that expressed as velocity , that keeps it from falling into the sun. so.

    with a dismal record like that, why would the bible with its "dooms day" have anything relevant to say?

  • BluesBrother

    Eventually something will happen... but what and when we don’t know.

    Even the most godless atheist would predict an end eventually.. I am still a believer in God, Jesus and the Bible ( but not as literally as I used to) and I am willing to say there is much I don’t understand and I accept that this is a minority view on here.

    Jesus promised to return but gave no indication of when, instead warned against setting a time. It is easy , in the light of the scientific predictions of climate change, to say “ this is it! “.... but who knows.


    I hope something happens. I’m bored AF right now.


  • Fisherman
    Jesus promised to return but gave no indication of when

    I hear what you mean but then how would you explain the the rider of the white horse in Revelation and the other riders famine, disease, war in connection with the white horses’s rider? These riders would result after Satan is ousted to earth and the birth of the kingdom. All of this is going on for a time period with nothing going on as far as Christ’s obvious return before there is a climax with God taking action. While famine, war and disease are commonplace on the earth throughout history, the white horse connected to it is unique. All of this is part of the return of Christ. How long it would take from the start of riders until the manifestation of Christ, the Bible doesn’t say but if you think that the return of Jesus is about embracing him with open arms with nothing else happening is not how his returned is explained in the Bible.

  • BettyHumpter

    "Revelation and the other riders famine, disease, war"

    That's some prophecy. "I have a vision. That which happened in the past, and is currently happening in the present, will continue to happen in the future. " Praise the Lord.

  • waton
    famine, disease, war in connection with the white horses’s rider?

    Fisherman, some of the bible was written by astute observers, war, famine, disease have always had a close connection. still do *. Witness the conflicts since 1914. Fighting in Ukraine causes food shortages in Africa. world wide horsing around. As the planet gets more crowded, conflicts will become more frequent, we might even see more "civil" wars.

    Hopefully history will repeat itself and the fighters (the dinosaurs) armed to the teeth, will be wiped out, the squirrels, that had stuff squirrelled away, will inherit the Earth . so,

    be realistic and squirrel away treasures in heaven, Musk has it wrong, he is aiming only for Mars. ha ha.

    * fertile plains become trenches, churned up battlefields, workers become soldiers, rapists spread their germs ----,

  • DarleneGatus

    History goes in cycles and all civilizations eventually collapse or break up. Like the Mayans. So if I predict an end to civilization, am I a prophet?

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