I would like to thank the Lord I am OK

by Sour Grapes 12 Replies latest jw experiences

  • deegee

    God may exist but is he involved in people's lives and the day to day affairs of humans?

    We have all been indoctrinated from early childhood (both JWs & non-JWs) that God is involved in people's lives and day to day affairs of humans and that if it's not God then it's the demons.

    However, some of us as we grow older and have observed and experienced life have come to the realization that we were lied to - God (if he exists) is NOT involved in people's lives and day to day affairs of humans.

    Once you discover that you were lied to, should you speak out there are those who will accuse you of being mad at, angry with God and bitter.

    It frightens people like the person in the OP to acknowledge that God (if he exists) is not involved in people's lives, we are alone. The evidence speaks for itself.

  • sparrowdown

    Religious narcissism at it's worst.

    "God saved me, helped me, told me, noticed me, excused me, rewarded me, protected me, me me me..."

    God, save us from your narcissistic people.

  • EverApostate
    They will thank Jehovah for a meeting, or convention, but overlook the bus load of witnesses that got killed or injured while on their way to attend!

    I was told by a JW that this happened in South Africa and some who survived started to think and became apostates. Many times, I would hear sisters thanking Jah for a Bible study he gave them.

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