I would like to thank the Lord I am OK

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  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    I saw this on Facebook: "I would like to thank the Lord I am ok. Had a serious fall yesterday from my garage landing to the cement floor and landed on my back. I suffered a closed head wound, severe cervical sprain, 2 broken ribs and multiple contusions on hand and arm and shoulder. Could have been a lot worse."

    It just gets me when people who have accidents and are injured are thankful to God that it wasn't worse. If they thank the Lord then they imply that he was overlooking the situation and prevented the situation from being worse. A loving God would have prevented the whole thing.

    It is like a parent is watching his young child playing at the top of a steep stairway. Rather than removing the child from the danger of falling down the steps, he goes to the bottom of the steps to catch the child as he falls to soften the fall.

    I don't think that god gives a rats ass about individual people.

  • VW.org

    Yes what you say is true. 50000 people in a third world country die from cholera and a truck driver narrowly avoids death as his rig hangs from a cliff. He says god saved him. He prays to god and thanks him.

    A lot of crap.

  • cofty
    Believers have such low expectations for their omnipotent deity.
  • scratchme1010

    It just gets me when people who have accidents and are injured are thankful to God that it wasn't worse.

    I agree. However, as silly as it sounds, that's how some people get comfort and let the anxiety go. If it works for them, for as long as they don't try to shove that mentality down other people's throats, I'm ok with them.

    Using their own rationale, I am thankful that I know better.

  • stuckinarut2

    And witnesses have done the same thing countless times!

    They will thank Jehovah for a meeting, or convention, but overlook the bus load of witnesses that got killed or injured while on their way to attend!

    (believe me, it has actually happened)

  • menrov

    It is indeed a topic I have been thinking about quite a lot. If something good happens, it is because of the Lord, if something bad happens, it is either bad luck or Satan.

    Religious people believe that the God they worship is actually in control of all things on earth. If that is true, then I ask indeed, why allow innocent people to suffer? Would you allow if you would have the power? Would you allow your children or loved ones suffer when you could prevent it?

    And that is where most people become atheist. That is in my view unfortunate as I believe there is another option. My current view is that there is creator. I still strongly believe humans are made so complex, that it is very hard to believe it happened little by little.

    What if we were created. Period. End of story. Why believe anything more than that? The universe is huge it could well be that the creator is doing other things and left it to his creation (humans) to run their world. I often compare it with ants. As humans, we hardly care about ants. We leave them run their world. We sometimes step on them. We have no feelings for that. Most understandable. A creator can also see us that way. As ants. From another planet, even from the moon, you cannot identify a human.

    Will this creator ever intervene? I have no clue. May be. May be when humans have destroyed all, he might.

    All religious books have been written by men. Men that were looking for answers and for a better world / future I guess. It creates hope. Hope is a very strong driver. But at the same time, that same hope have made people disappointed and depressed as their hopes were not fulfilled.

    In summary, yes, I do believe in a creator. However, I find it difficult to believe in the type of God found in the various religious books.

  • steve2

    God didn't save them. Medical intervention did.

  • punkofnice
  • stuckinarut2
  • jp1692

    Let’s not ignore the need to “share.”

    People could just “thank the Lord” silently and privately and be done with it, and no doubt many do.

    But there’s a whole lot more going on that causes other people to be so public about these kinds of experiences.

    Obviously they want others to know about their trials and tribulations, but at the same time they need to turn it into an opportunity to advertise their faith and/or spirituality.

    It’s a way to get a dual emotional and psychological payoff, a two-fer of sorts: “Woe is me (can I get a little sympathy here?), and while we’re at it—look at me. Aren’t I the spiritual one? God loves me, this I know and I just had to tell you so!”

    It’s a weird kind of dysfunctional attention getting behavior delivered in a virtue-signaling wrapper.

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