Simple Question:Why Won’t JWs Just Report Child Abuse As The Law Requires?

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  • caves

    Fink-and the two person rule adds to the problem.


    I once told an Elder that there was two "witnesses", Me and Jehovah. That didn't go over well. Funny he got disfellowshipped for molesting his daughter. The whole family were pioneers. He was always burning things he considered demonized. I guess he forgot to set himself on fire.

    I hope his daughter recovered as much as possible.

  • Simon

    I think a more important question is why failing to report child abuse isn't a crime. This is something politicians could and should legislate but won't because often there are political interests at play.

    Planned Parenthood would be required to report the abuse of trafficked girls instead of providing abortions and perpetuating their suffering for instance.

  • Finkelstein

    Yes totally agree Simon, and this true for all individuals as well organizations religious or otherwise.

    To not do so should be a crime in itself.

    Playing hush up is socially irresponsible and influences the potentiality to create more victims.

    The reason being of course is for the attention needed toward victims and the attention needed to perpetrators of this kind of social behavior.

  • blondie

    In some states in the US, not reporting is a crime; but not all states. of State laws

  • skin

    Vidiot - After all, being an active, dutiful JW isn't actually the easiest or most pleasant lifestyle.

    Correct, but at a recent WT meeting, we were told that Jehovah's Witness's are the happiest family on earth.

    Who are we going to believe? Our imperfect thinking and reasoning, or the information that is lovingly provided to us from the GB as spiritual food?

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    I remember a watchtower article around 1986 talked about the problem of child abuse by elders in one paragraph. But the whole thrust of the article was that they were removed because of their sins, no mention of their criminal acts.

    The WTB&TS think that they are like the nation of Israel of old, answerable only to themselves and to God. Secular authority and anyone else outside of their borders don't matter, neither do their opinions. When you believe that you are 110% correct in all things you do everything your own way. Sad to say.

  • smiddy3

    because the law is an ass ?

    Because Politicians are afraid to tackle religion because it could mean a loss of votes ?

    And many Politicians and Law enforcement officers are religious themselves and do not want to upset the apple cart?

    Religious people in Authority who know of child sex abuse and do not report it should be prosecuted for aiding and abetting a criminal or with being an accessary to a crime.

  • minimus

    If an elder DID REPORT on his own, what would Watchtower do? Disfellowship the elder? Remove him? I can see an honest hearted elder creating major legal problems for the Society by following his conscience and or the law.

  • Vidiot
    minimus - "If an elder did report on his own, what would Watchtower do? Disfellowship the elder? Remove him?"

    Option two, I'm sure.

    I've lost count of how many stories I've read right here on this forum where XJW former elders were expressly threatened with as much.

    minimus - "I can see an honest-hearted elder creating major legal problems for the Society by following his conscience and or the law."

    Which is one of the reasons why the Org gave directions to the contrary.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    I know personally elders that have made anonymous calls on alleged abuse to law enforcement even before a call to Bethel is made by the committee.

    A witch hunt begins amongst the BOE but like all well trained elders know, deny, deny, deny, usually works well.

    These instances are probably still rare, but I don’t think it is too far fetched to assume they may become more frequent.

    WT is always moving away from protecting individual elders legally and elders are becoming wary of putting their own necks on the chopping block in a court of law and the monetary demands it takes for litigation.

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