Simple Question:Why Won’t JWs Just Report Child Abuse As The Law Requires?

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  • minimus

    I just don’t get it. It would make their life so much easier!

  • Finkelstein

    Because in many countries the law doesn't require it , even in many parts of the United States.

    JWS just regard it as inappropriate conduct or sexual immorality (sin) and go about investigating the matter with the same approach as other conducts of sexaul immorality.

    Some countries have now instituted a law that requires churches or other organizations to report instances of child sexaul abuse to the local law authorities as they should since its a serious (illegal) crime, not just a sin like adultery of fornication.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    First, because they believe they have authority to investigate the legitimacy of allegations under an archaic 2000 year old “two witnesses” policy.

    Second, convictions in criminal courts bolster civil litigations which costs WT money.

    Not every location mandates reporting. Where it is not they won’t. Even where reporting is mandated they do not do it with full transparency. Elders may be instructed to contact law enforcement anonymously.

    Immediate reporting would benefit local elders. It does not benefit the WT organization.

    Their goal is not to spend money and they use outdated theological gymnastics to justify their silence. In addition to not paying out on lawsuits, those donations keep rolling in from the publishers, because the publishers also believe the WT policy on CSA is justified.

  • Finkelstein

    The reason the WTS didn't report it in the past was because they were more concerned about the outward public image of their organization, all clean and righteous unlike other Christian based faiths like the Catholics.

    The propagation of " Mustn't bring reproach onto Jehovah's organization " was utilized and enforced by the WTS for decades as the records show.

    Come on Minimus, there has been much talk and information on JWD about this subject over the years.

  • sparky1

    'Cause they're assholes?

  • flipper

    Simple answer : Because the governing body & WT Society leaders do not recognize the laws of the land as having authority over them. They only allow themselves to follow the Bible's 2 witness rule, even though this endangers children. And within that simple answer is that the financial empire the WT Society wishes to protect to keep them financially solvent. Money first, children's welfare way down low on the list of priorities.

    In regards to the WT Society's leaders life being made easier by cooperating with authorities in reporting child abuse ? Uh, not really. It would expose them more fully in the wide open light as a criminal organization hiding all of these sexual predators of children and bring MORE attention in the media to WT Society cover ups - just like the media exposed Warren Jeffs and the Mormon's and also how the media exposed the Catholic church even more. Catholic church is still being exposed with all the pedophile priests molesting minor children.

    I think WT leaders are intentionally trying to stay on the down low- and they think this will make their life easier . If all the child abuse was fully exposed- we'd see an absolute shit storm of media coverage . I wish that would happen, but WT keeps trying to sidestep and hide in the shadows. We need more Leah Remini's out there exposing these crimes of the WT Society. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • minimus
    I understand all your answers and I agree with them but it seems ridiculous that the watchtower society would simply not do the right thing and follow common sense as well as the law of the land. They cannot win this one so they should get some sort of divine revelation and let the rank-and-file know that they are going to follow Caesars laws I understand all your answers and I agree with him but it seems ridiculous at the watchtower society would simply not do the right thing and follow common sense as well as the law of the land. They cannot win this one so they should get some sort of divine revelation and let the rank-and-file now that they are going to follow Caesar’s laws and submit to the superior authorities
  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Hundreds of boys went to prison because of Watchtower policy on conscientious objectors which could have been prevented.

    Hundreds died because of their blood transfusion policies that are ever changing.

    Hundreds have taken their own lives because of the fallout of being disfellowshipped.

    Hundreds more children have had their minds imprisoned because of Watchtower’s policy for child sex abuse.

    This organization doesn’t give a shit about abuses individuals suffer because of its policy.

  • DNCall

    Prompted by [my] girl next door, the promotion of the organization despite dire consequences to individuals has been in practice since it was devised by Rutherford. As long as the 1914/1918/1919 dates are part of Witness theology (wherein Jesus selected Rutherford and Co.), the GB will continue to follow this practice, as did Knorr/Franz and GB 1.0. Overall, Rutherford’s approach is still profitable. As soon as it’s not, you can expect New Light.

    The good news is that each year this practice is being exposed more and more. As a result, it is proving to be less and less profitable.

  • 2+2=5

    I believe some transparency about their records would reveal they have encouraged a child abuse problem to flourish by appointing accused men to positions of authority. They’ve had elders, no doubt they’ve had CO’s and bethel heavies that got promotions despite some sick history.

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