Can an atheist date jw?

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  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Find a normal girl instead.

    Unless she is fully awake that it is a cult and is seriously planning her exit and that exit is happening regardless of any involvement with you then walk away.

  • LisaRose
    What do you think about the situation?

    It happens all the time. There are far fewer men than women in the organization, which is a problem because they do not approve of marriage outside the organization, and do not allow sex outside of marriage, which creates this situation of dating on the down low.

    Do you know of cases where people got kicked out of their home because of disassociation?

    Yes, it happens all the time.

    What would you do in my situation or in hers?

    She should research the history of the religion and find out how much of it is based on lies and half truths, that would free her to date whoever she wants. I dont expect that will happen because this is a cult and they use manipulation and mind control to convince people they are the only true religion and if they leave they will die at Armageddon, which is happening any day now. Its almost impossible to counteract this. For example, she believes anyone who leaves the organization and speaks out against it (like me) is a "mentally diseased apostate". She will believe anything I or anyone here says is from Satan.

    I would advise you to forget her and find someone without all the baggage.

  • bohm


    She's pulled in two directions and hasn't exactly gravitated towards your side. She's putting herself and the fear for her mother before you. None of these factors are a good bedrock for a budding relationship.

    I agree there are serious communication problems, but looking at it from GF's perspective she is likely in the emotional turmoil of her life so I wouldn't judge her to hard on moving back with her parents.. I was nearly in the OPs shoes some years back and I am happy that I stuck it out despite all the WTBS bullshit. If she is special, staying with her and helping her waking up is not the most silly thing a guy has done over a girl :-).


    Can an atheist date jw?

    If You have No Regard for your Mental Health..

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  • A Ha
    A Ha

    bohm is spittin' hot fire in this thread. I also think OneEyedJoe's point bears repeating:

    Assuming you two end up together (let's say you get married), it is very, very common for big life events (death of a family member, birth of a child) to cause great emotional turmoil that leads people back to the religion. My sister-in-law "fell away" probably 35 years ago and recently started going back to meetings out of the blue.

  • DJS


    Find another GF. The risks aren't worth it, and there are so many areas of your future that can be negatively impacted by having any association with this cult.

    You already have enough data to move on. Act on it.

  • roberto avon
    roberto avon

    it seems a little bit my story. I married a Jw almost 29 years ago.

    For sure I don't know if Italian Jws are different from other Jws in the world but I seems so..

    She is and was always very " liberal" and we raised 3 children, non of them are Jws.

    She still goes to the KH but only a couple of times a month and that's it. I would compare her to a non practisant catholic but to be honest I have to admit after almost 30 years of experience that I was lucky and met the right girl.

    Since your girlfriend decided to stay with a "wordly" guy it means she is not a fanatic but you should pay attention to her Jehovah-friends and family ....

    My wife seperated her " personal " religion fron our family life and everything went well


    YES. As a matter of fact, if I'm ever single, I will only date Atheists. Well, maybe a Spiritual Satanist.

    As long as they're freaky, I don't really care.


  • Giordano

    If she is Baptized then she has signed a life long contract with the WTBTS

    So 'fading' would be the only option if she wants to be able to communicate with her mother or other JW friends and family.

    There is also a good chance that you guys have stepped 'over the line' when it comes to the JW rules..

    Some JW's can separate a belief in God from harmless sexual contact. Others are affected by the so called 'sin' and feel a need to confess .............which means all of the intimate details have to be spelled out to three male elders.

    There are 34 different sets of rules a person can be disfellowshiped is number 30.

    1. #30. Uncleanness
      • Sexually perverse practices within marriage, such as oral and anal sex - w83 3/15 p.31
      • Heavy petting and breast fondling - ks91-E p.92
      • Touching of sexual parts - ks91-E p.91
      • Practice of viewing abhorrent Pornography - w2012 3/15 p.31
      • stayed all night in the same house with a person of the opposite sex (or in the same house with a known homosexual) under improper circumstances

      • You can read the rest of the rules at that web site.

    Based on what you have said......... I would suggest that you talk about your relationship, the rules she has to live by, your future together, raising a family, higher learning etc.

    I wouldn't show her this site at this time. While we have very kind people here we also have people who have lost their families, been shunned by their own children. Many are still very angry.

    Best Luck!

  • Steel
    1. The elders are much more concerned about you being a self-professing Christians more than a self-professing atheist, as long you are not an annoying crossfitter/vegan/Bernie Sanders supporting/ all preachy about it type of Atheist. The entire premise of the WTS is about hating Christians so if you don’t believe or don’t care, no need to really worry.

    2. Her spirituality is a complete fraud. The entire religion is centered around the idea that don’t have a relationship with god but though your works and obedience to seven men in New York , you will be saved ( sound like a cult yet ).

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