Only 144.000 christians faithful since Jesus?!

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  • crossroads

    Could Jesus in Luke be refering to the 24 elders mentioned
    in Rev. Jesus here was talking to his disciples. Who were
    they and how many where there?This reference has nothing
    to do with which John is talking about. There it references
    two different FOLDS not flocks.
    circumsized-or not-becoming one FLOCK
    24 elders are not part of 144,000-they don't know the
    song being sung. Annionted and 144,000 never meet
    that I have found in the bible[meet-thus means this]
    Rev. starts 'things which must SHORTLY take place'
    144,000 not even started to be sealed yet-apostles
    all dead by now except John-not sealed or part of 144,000
    As for earth the only teaching by the JW's I wanted to be
    true. Woman being the last and greatest of all creation,
    I wanted a beautiful one who always stayed young to
    sleep beside my forever . Nothing spiritual about that huh.
    So after studing the bible for thirty years I finally started
    reading it. Amazing thing nothing about an earthly
    ressurection any where. So on my last journey to the KH
    I asked an elder to show me please. Because this was
    the hope I embraced now dashed. He gave me that look
    like what are you kidding-no just show me one spot will
    do. He said he never thought about it before. He embraced the earthly hope to. He is in his late 70,'s he wanted to be here
    too so he could make love to his wife when she returned.He really no lie told me this.He couldn't find a scripture to support claim-said that meek will inherit the earth.
    Iasked him how he got here? Another bewildered look
    I asked same question. No answer-I said you were born
    here and walked out. So yes I think there will be humans
    here whether HE starts with 8,32, or 144,000.
    The World Turns
    Peace and Love-Mark

  • RR

    Well then, we can agree to disagree!

    Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, it's not God's fault!

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