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  • punkofnice

    I had a secret conversation with a dyed in the wool JW recently.

    They told me that they felt that the organisation now was a different religion to the 'good old days' when Knorr was the boss. The books were more interesting. The zeal was there. Now the governing body are coming to the fore and promoting themselves. They are begging for money. the cartoons are just plain silly.

    That was their feelings in a nutshell.

    I think that the GB have done themselves no favours in coming to the fore in the way that they have. I remember the days when we didn't really know which weirdos were in charge. Until recently, a lot of JWs I knew didn't really know who the GB were, even though they promoted themselves in the litter-trash. The mystique has gone.

    The lunatics have taken over the a$$ylum ages ago, but now it's obvious.

    I have said this again and I'll say it before.....with all the changes in the org, they will only have a certain type of zombie left. I know of one who will stay in the filthy, disgusting cult because they chose to join it and now just coast along not really noticing the changes. I feel sorry for this person and the argument 'well, at least they're happy,' doesn't cut it. what if they need a blood transfusion or need to buy an ice cream??

  • millie210

    So well put and I couldnt agree more!

    If you look hard at the new publications, you can see they are copy/pasting sentences and paragraphs from older publications and just linking them together.

    Its an attempt to stay relevant. After all, they never expected to be here this long!

    Its like the saying "Quick! Im their leader, which way did they go?"

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    or need to buy an ice cream??

    ha ha---probably ban that--especially strawberry flavour

  • punkofnice

    Yes, Millie. Many of us never expected to grow old and I was told I wouldn't leave school. Viva 1975.

    The higher the monkey climbs, the more he expose. - Old Ska song!

  • punkofnice
    Stan - They ban everything that might mean they won't get that money instead. the GB are greedy, overfed, stuffed gluttonous pigs.
  • Watchtower-Free
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    "with all the changes in the org, they will only have a certain type of zombie left."

    With all due respect towards r&f J.W.'s, (including my unaware family members) I totally agree with this statement. The Org is unashamedly - and with impunity, severely beating the minions so openly now, that J.W.'s are waking up and suffering the shock in silence, in case they are labelled as apostates.

    The percentage of the 8.2m who have already switched off and stopped contributing, is anyone's guess!

    Only the blinded zealots will remain within the Org in the coming years.

  • millie210

    Do they even have any good writers anymore? I would love to hear Barbara Andersons thoughts on this.

    Of course, even if you have good writers - you need content for them to write about.

    That is probably the bigger problem for them.

  • punkofnice

    One of the things that turned me off was when I went to do real research about the apostles. The watchtower articles were devoid of any interesting information. absolute 'spiritual(TM)' wasteland.

    I feel really sorry for those trapped in the 'captive religion'.

  • Vidiot

    TheSearcher - "Only the blinded zealots will remain within the Org in the coming years."

    Agreed, and IMO, these are really the only ones they want.


    I wonder how many other high-control religions have purged all but the most fanatical, and still continued to survive.

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