Sheep who mate in front of stripey trees will produce stripey offspring

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  • rebel8
    Awesome find! It's more evidence the bible is not inspired of a creator or knowledgeable god.
  • Protarded
    I asked about this when I was a witness. The answer was, dum du dum, miracle from jehobo. Funny enough, this scripture wasn't addressed.... EVER.
  • CalebInFloroda


    My people, the Jews, did not see the text of the Hebrew Scriptures as "inspired." That idea was introduced by the Gnostic Basilides and immediately thereafter Macion of Sinope.

    Instead, the Jews saw the Scriptures as a text for use in Liturgy, not as a theological compendium. The idea of "proofs" of inspiration came from Gentiles. In Judaism it is the Great Theophany at Sinai that is the basis of the religion. The Tanakh is but the earliest and most primitive mythos, one of several in Judaism. The narratives in the Tanakh were never meant to be proof of a god which, by the way, is an irrelevant concept to Jews.

    Gentiles are obsessed with it for whatever reason, but belief that a written text proves that which is supposed to be transcendent is both heathen in custom as well as just idiotic to consider.

  • Protarded
    Your people? What you mean, your people? And you have been spelling "god" wrong. I believe there is an "0" in god. What is with that? Like God will be all like, "well, he left out a letter, so he's cool." Like some kind of blasphemy loophole. Jesus f---ing Chr-st.
  • Crazyguy
    You just can't make up all the bullshit that's in the Bible
  • punkofnice

    If in doubt, just fall back on the old trick........Jehovah(tm) used magic to do it. It's really very simple for those that believe in god. The golden rule of believing in god is, if you can't explain something, then it must be MAGIC! Yayyyy, there...solved it,

    It's a kind of magic! One dreammmm, one thingummy........(I'm singing now).

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  • blondie

    The WTS does not suggest "magic" or working outside the laws of genetics. But was that what Jacob took away from this, the knowledge of genetics?

    *** it-1 p. 1244 Jacob ***

    So here Jacob started off tending only sheep of normal color and goats with no markings. However, he worked hard and did what he thought would increase the number of off-colored animals. He took green sapling staffs of the storax, almond, and plane trees, and peeled the barks of these in such a way as to give them a striped, spotty appearance. These he placed in the gutters of the animals’ drinking troughs, apparently with the idea that if the animals looked at the stripes when in heat there would be a prenatal influence that would make the offspring mottled or abnormal in color. Jacob also took care to place the sticks in the troughs only when the stronger robust animals were in heat.—Ge 30:37-42.

    Results? The offspring abnormally marked or colored, and therefore Jacob’s wages, proved to be more numerous than those of normal solid color, which were to be Laban’s. Since the desired results were obtained, Jacob probably thought his stratagem with the striped sticks was responsible. In this he no doubt shared the same misconception commonly held by many people, namely, that such things can have an effect on the offspring. However, in a dream his Creator instructed him otherwise.

    In his dream Jacob learned that certain principles of genetics, and not the sticks, were responsible for his success. Whereas Jacob was tending only solid-colored animals, yet the vision revealed that the male goats were striped, speckled, and spotty. How could this be? Apparently they were hybrids even though of uniform color, the result of crossbreeding in Laban’s flock before Jacob began being paid. So certain of these animals carried in their reproductive cells the hereditary factors for spotting and speckling future generations, according to the laws of heredity discovered by Gregor Mendel in the last century.—Ge 31:10-12.

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    Witness My Fury
    Those silly bronze age goat herders.... Why anyone believes anything they had to say about anything is now beyond me.

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