Message was from Jesus heart, / not heavy bookbag

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  • nojw86

    Sorry moxie, that was not what I was trying to say, I am not that kind of person, but I would like to know why things like that change, thats all. Well thanks for answering me. nojw

  • Moxy

    hehe... yeah, just i think trying to counter the anti-door-to-door feelings in urban north america. trying to look less intimidating, ive even heard elders suggest that we should be allowed to drop the formal wear for the service. its a possibility...


  • battman

    Elduh's Book Bag,
    You might know you are an elduh if you buy
    your book bag at a pharmaceutical supply
    house. The wider the more important.

    Is there any safety issues here.
    I remember the warning Not to bring a baby
    stroller into the CA and DA due to escape
    route being blocked in the event of fire.
    I would often "trip" (kick) these behemoths
    as I tried to walk down the asile after the
    meeting ended. lolol

    Towards the end of my career I would only
    carry a Bible which always created a stir.
    Just following direction to be inconspicious
    esp. in sensitive territories.

    are back packs a conscience matter? lol

  • Prisca

    I agree with everyone's comments here, got nothing to add, except I love the title of this thread - it's so true!

  • outnfree

    In my [former] territory we have a large shopping mall where soliciting is not allowed. But, of course, WE were instructed that since it was such fertile territory for informal witnessing and this is GOD'S WORK, we had to look like we were shopping, not preaching.
    So we were to bring only tracts that could fit in pockets or mags that would fit in purses. And work alone, not by twos. If we could fit a pocket-sized Bible inside an overcoat or in our purses, too, that would be fine.

    Likewise, keeping their purpose from being obvious in apt. buildings, as Moxy pointed out.

    So the bookbag is NOT dead, but the point might be that it IS a DEAD GIVEAWAY, and maybe some that were hiding-not-at-homes won't realize who they are until it's "too late"! LOL

    Also, many ARE wise to the damage that carrying around loads of books can do to one's spine. It's not fun to have a herniated disc either out in field service or sitting at 5 meetings/week!

    I, too, like your title, nojw, and may use your line on the next pair of witnesses I run into....


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