Diminished Morality as Proof???

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  • Pistoff

    Morality........hmm.......ditto for the "moral" witnesses who shun depressed members, disown their own blood and flesh and smile at the coming destruction of billions of people.

    I am slowly reaching the point where my life cleans up because I want it to, and am motivated to, by love of God and principle; NOT out of fear of punishment or shunning.

  • cornish

    That would make umpteen other religious groups who use exactly the same arguement when members leave,'The Truth.'

    There are religios groups like the Plymouth Bretheren for more strict than even the witnesses on morals,does that make them superior?

    Anyway I used to find the sins among the witnesses tend to be either secret or brushed under the carpet whereas outside things are more open.

    Witnesses only produce an illusion and a poor one at that.
    Also as other posters have demonsrated they are guilty of 
    straining out the knat but gulping down the camel in that some of the so
     called sins that people get interrogated for at judicial hearings are 
    far less serious than the sins produce by watchtower policy which
     have produced needless deaths,broken homes,lies and cover ups ;etc.

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  • NeonMadman

    Ask the elder this: If the active Witnesses are so bloody moral, why do you spend so much of your time involved in judicial committee meetings?

    P.S. Simon, this is the first post I've made since the new forum, and I just read the rules for the first time. I know you're British, so I hope I didn't violate rule #3 by using the word "bloody".

  • AlanF

    : Today a couple of elders came by and told me that "diminished morality" is proof that those who leave the truth have lost Jehovah's favor.

    : That is, when they were in the truth, they were all chaste, etc. But now that they are out of the truth that they don't hold the same high standards of morality.

    Typical Witness mentality. They define "moral" as "sticking to JW standards", which is a self-fulfilling and therefore meaningless definition. They don't even go by "Biblical morality" whenever it's inconvenient, so they're in no position to cast stones.

    As for sticking with JW sexual standards, some do and some don't. Lumping the "do's" with the "don'ts" is another typical JW tactic of damning everyone who leaves their cult. They do this when condemning "apostates", by describing the actions of the worst offenders against JW standards and implying that [i]everyone[/i] who leaves their cult is equally bad.

    But these are standard techniques of cult mind control, and to be expected.


  • bigboi

    I don't know how anybody could prove that what that elder said is the case. Most ppl are disfellowshipped for things that started while they were still part of the organization. Often after praticing such things for some time. Still some ppl leave on their own accord without changing any of their moral standards. Everyone here can tell you of instances where witnesses in good standing are quie diminished morally. Only difference is they are quite good at hiding what they do. In my reltively brief tenure in the org, I knew quite a few that fit into that category.

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