Husband puts off wifes funeral for Elders meeting

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  • Sangdigger

    While reading minimuses post under "friends" about a sister who kept up auxillary pioneering even though her 5 year old daughter died, it brought to mind a similar story that happened just 2 months ago in a large cong.

    An elder serving in that cong. for many years now, lost his wife to heart complications. The woman was survived by her husband and 4 kids. She died on Tuesday night, and the very next day, her kids were out in field service. The funeral was scheduled for that following Saturday, but the Elder husband, had to postpone the service, due to an Elders training meeting that was in a nearby town. The funeral was finally held two weeks later. The eldest son gave a part on the meeting Thurs. night, and after the meeting, seemed perfectly happy, and said how his mother would be better off. I dont know exactly what he meant by that, but it was a known fact that the parents had their problems.

    I'm very sorry for the loss suffered, and do not wish to belittle the way some people handle grief, but to put off your wifes funeral so as to not miss an Elders meeting is just about the most disrespectful thing i can think of. Once again, the Org. comes first. It just shows how the emphasis is put on not wasting alot of time grieving, but to get on with business as usual.

  • DevonMcBride

    Here's a story an ex-witness told me.

    A speaker at one of the conventions fell to the ground and died during his speech. Another elder went up on stage and continued where the the man left off. Not one person acknowledged the man falling down.

    At another convention a Presiding Overseer, his wife and 8 year old daughter were out one night. The daughter fell in a lake and drowned. The next day the PO and his wife went to the convention as if nothing had happened. He even gave a talk. There excuse for doing this was that Jehovah was testing their loyalty to him.

    Sick, isn't it?

  • minimus

    That is awful!!! But the reality to the Witness mind is ---dead is dead. Nothing you can do to bring 'em back. Jehovah will take care of it in the ressurection. So why miss a meeting??? I'll bet that all those elders and CO and DO will praise this elder up and down. He'll feel like he did the most wonderful thing in letting "the dead bury their dead". And he'll probably get a nice plum part at the assembly or even a write up in the Watchtower. (They need fresh experiences)....GAG...........That assembly experience was that of LLoyd Barry (from U.N. fame).

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  • ashitaka

    @ the stories in this thread.

  • seawolf
    @ the stories in this thread.

    My feelings too...

  • Stephanus

    Stephanus, of the shaking-his-head-and-wondering-if-there's-anything-wrong-with-these-guys-that-a-bullet-between-the-eyes-won't-fix Class

  • LeslieV

    This is why so many JW's end up with mental health issues. They do not even begin to deal with any kind of traumatic event in their or their children's lives.


  • OrbitingTheSun

    ITA With Leslie...

  • Shakita

    What horrible stories!

    So true Leslie..............

    A sister in the hall I belonged to years ago was dying of cancer. She was weeks from death. The night of the service meeting she arrived in the hall in a wheelchair looking very sick. This sister was there that night to give her final service meeting part and her final goodbye to her friends. She struggled through her talk, and it was a very sad 5 minutes. She was wheeled out of the hall after the talk knowing that she was never to return. She died shortly after this a very zealous and kind witness.

    I am posting this only because I do have memories from my days as a faithful witness which I look back on and remember people who were decent and kind. Not everyone is a nutcase like those in the stories here. It is a damn shame that these good people are part of a very destructive cult.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • AS IF
    AS IF

    Here is a puzzling thought as well, in regards to another poster who said that so many of them have mental problems because of not dealing with any traumatic events in there lives; has anyone else noticed the # of cases of fibromyalsia especially among the women?

    AS IF

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