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  • Listener
    Note the picture on the top right hand side. The little boy in green is standing between the man's legs (Jesus), face forward. The picture is not appropriate at all and suggestive. Who knows what the man is touching with his right hand on his lap but whatever it is, it's skin colored.
  • kramer

    Oh dear, I think he is supposed to illustrate the son of god , who probably wouldn’t be messing with kids

  • Listener

    There's also a picture of a young boy at school, it looks like he might be sitting on his own and he is making a spectical of himself, with his head down, hands together and eyes closed, praying. Four kids are looking at him, some stunned and some amused. It is presented as an example of maintaining integrity.

    It's little comments like the following that gives insight to the ideals of a JW. In the Study article regarding spirituality this was said

    Are we like Jesus, ever ready to show compassionate concern when we meet people who need help? In addition, Jesus devoted himself to the work of preaching and teaching the good news. (Luke 4:43) All such feelings and actions are marks of a spiritual person.

    When it comes to helping someone in need showing compassion is all that is required but in making converts to the organization, physical work is required.

    Just a little further on in the article they talk about some of the qualities displayed in a modern day 'spiritual person'.

    In the next article the reader is told the following

    8 Paul urged first-century Christians to “press on to maturity.” (Heb. 6:1) In order to apply Paul’s counsel today, what steps can we take? One important step is to study the publication “Keep Yourselves in God’s Love.” Completing your study of that book will help you to see how to apply Bible principles in your life. If you have already finished studying that book, can you move on to other study materials that can help you to stabilize your faith? (Col. 1:23)

    Not only are there publications important in order to gain salvation but here they have mentioned a specific book as being important in order to 'press on to maturity'. I wonder if there are any of Russell's books that would benefit JWs in this way? And if there publications are so important, why are they printing less and not more?

    Then there is this spotlight focus on a deceased GB member, who's words must be so meaningful that special mention of them are recalled.

    In commenting on Luke 13:24, John Barr, who served as a member of the Governing Body, pointed out some years ago, “Many fail because they are not diligent enough to grow mighty.”

    JWs are told that they should not entertain fleshly thoughts or material thanking and yet they dare to protest that they are not extremist.

    If we find that our mind pushes us toward materialistic thinking or fleshly desires, we should not give up. Keep asking for the spirit, and Jehovah will help you to redirect your mental attitude to focus on proper things. (Luke 11:13)

    Further on, they suggest that you are endangering your spirituality if you accept an invitation from a stranger to join them in playing a game online.

  • jwleaks

    Watchtower is always following in the footsteps of the Catholic Church for ideas. The below image is the 1970's logo for the Catholic Church's Archdiocesan Youth Commission.

  • smiddy3

    I think this is a ridiculous suggestion/post not worthy of a comment


  • ttdtt

    A bridge too far.

  • Finally Left
    Finally Left

    I don't know about the top picture, it is difficult - that thought didn't come to mind. But what is disturbing is the bottom right picture, the woman sitting talking to Jesus. Her hands are severly deformed and it looks like a claw is coming out of her thumb. What does it look like to you?

  • Finkelstein

    The picture is not appropriate at all and suggestive

    Really ? how about giving the WTS's artist a critical and honest evaluation and say it was just bad art work like in reality that thing is the kid's arm.

    Shit disturbing Idiots these days.

  • Fisherman

    " They that know no evil, suspect none." - Ben Jonson

  • NewYork44M
    it was just bad art work

    That is my assessment.

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