Just filed my IRS taxes

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  • animal

    Scarlet, that is just what I did... I claim 6 or 7 thru 1/2 of the year, when working overtime. If working 40 hour weeks, I claim 3 or 4. With all the deductions, we get back a little, but never have to pay in.

    The first 3 years of all-year-overtime, we got $7000, $5000, and $3000 returns from the govt. I bought some more bikes then, of course (hehe)m then figured out that I was getting too much withheld. Now its fixed, I think... we will see in a week or so.

    I am, all for a flat tax... 10% with zero deductions. Period... for everyone.


  • pr_capone

    I'm still waiting for the damn W-2 from Bank of America.

  • Valis

    pr...if you are filing a simple 1040 online with itemized deductions that don't have to do w/your W2 you can use your final 2002 paycheck stub or reciept of eft, which should have all the info you need...its the way I did my taxes this year because of an address mix up.


    District Overbeer

  • pr_capone

    I quit BofA in about September and I have no idea where that last paystub is.

    Ohhh well... I just hope I get my $$$ in time for some real fun in Dallas.

  • Francois

    Valis, that's a great deal you've got worked out there. I'm pretty debt-free as well. The devil is that it's hard to get that way and then you discover it's even HARDER to stay that way. Especially so since savy marketers have harnessed the power of the impusle purchase - even performed many psychological studies designed to take advantage of people like you and I: out of debt with good credit. We are target numero uno for those guys. With any luck at all we'll screw up their standard deviations all to hell and back. Best to keep your money in your own pocket. Can't tell when you might want an El Dorado with every option known to man and you wanna pay cash for that big ol V8.


  • wasasister

    Income tax is a real bitch and I won't go into the many reasons I think so.

    What do you all think of a national sales tax instead? Tax what we spend instead of what we earn??



  • Elsewhere
    What do you all think of a national sales tax instead? Tax what we spend instead of what we earn??

    I have thought about that... so long as there are exemptions to certain things as with local and state sales tax. Retirement exemptions, health care exemptions, food, medicine, etc...

  • animal

    The National Sales Tax might work, but still pits those with money against those without. The person buying the Porsche will pay way more than those buying the old Chevy. Also, since everyone uses the infrastructure supported by taxes, why shouldnt everyone pay a share? A fair share.

    I still prefer the 10% across the board tax. It still means Bill Gates pays way more than my local burger flipper, but at least all of them are paying.


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