Ever Had an Accurate Horoscope?

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  • Aztec

    The Element associated with Sagittarius is Fire. Just as a fire can move quickly and uncontrollably, so can Sagittarians as they flit from one thing to the next, never looking back. For the Sag-born, it's all about action and adventure (and, hopefully, conclusions). These folks love their physicality and are often athletic, and certainly full of stamina. Life for these folks is played full-on, which is why it's chock-full of experiences. Archers are outgoing, enthusiastic and tend to overstep their bounds as a result, falling prey to the likes of foot-in-mouth disease. They can talk so fast (and so much) that they don't process the full weight of what they're saying, leading to the occasional hurt feeling. Often, however, their words serve to inspire others and to get things going. Yes, Sagittarians are straight-ahead folks who are curious, spiritual and true believers. The fact that they attract others with ease should be no surprise, since they have a great sense of fun and enjoy a good time. They don't lack for confidence, either, not a whit! High-spirited Sags love to socialize -- with an ever-changing crew.

    I do have to admit that it sounds like me, espescially the foot in mouth part..LOL

    Ah well, I'm still skeptical...

    Don't worry Rob, I spent alot of money but it was on practical things...damnit! LOL


  • Auntie Flame
    Auntie Flame

    YES! By Sydney Omarr in 1976 for a 1977 pregnancy....and lately some of them have been vaguely "on track".....

    However, I really don't put much stock in foretelling the future via horoscopes...BUT I found Linda Goodman's Star Signs to be extremely interesting with a potpourri of info that transcends the daily tripe.....especially some of the experiments with plants and sounds (not necessarily together) of which she wrote.

    Auntie Flame

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